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Adam's polishes wallpaper


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Just an idea: I'd like to have some Adam's wallpapers to put on my computers. Perhaps the media guy (Maybe Joe?) or even anyone with some photoshop type abilities could do a few in their spare time? I'd like to see some products advertised on those wallpapers such as the entire Adam's collection would be nice.


If anyone has any high quality, wallpaper size pictures that they took of the ride with a product, post them up! I'd say only post pictures that has at least a product bottle/towel/accessories in it or more! Not simply a picture of your vehicle, we already have a thread on those.

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This is a very cool idea! Shots from the videos made into stills can end up looking grainy/blurry at higher desktop resolutions, but logos, product images, etc could be very possible.


I just pointed this thread out to Joe. He's a little buried with several tasks at the moment, but we'll see if we can come up with a few cool wallpapers soon!


Any preferred resolution sizes? Widescreen? 1920x1080p? 4K?


Comment below with your thoughts, thanks!

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Our man Benjamin Fry has not been introduced to the forum yet, but he is our new Photographer that has been helping out Joe with a lot of the multimedia aspects of Adam's Polishes over the last few months. He put together these 10 desktop wallpapers of his photos. Go follow his Instagram page @emberlight_imagery if you have an account :) Thank you Benjamin!


All are 1920x1080 resolution, so you may need to do some cropping to fit a non-widescreen monitor to have the correct aspect ratio.






















And here's a link to the gallery: http://imgur.com/a/yRJ0e

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