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OK, since you guys did such a good job helping with my other Apple TV, HDR question, the gears are now turning.  Now that I realized I do not have a HDR TV, I've changed gears.  I'm remodeling my garage this spring anyways and putting a TV up.  Now that this happened with the main TV in the house, I've decided to go this route.  I am going to move this non HDR TV in the house to garage duty; was going to be buying a new one either way.  But here's my question for today...


As good as I am with technology and things (no better than the next average guy), TV's to me are like buying a mattress.  It's downright overwhelming what's available and the capabilities are impossible to keep up with.  Add to that every manufacturer has their own catch phrases, options, and features.  I loose ground on Hz, refresh rate (and all the variables there of), etc.  So my question for you guys today is not what brand or what TV, but maybe help decipher through some of the garbage.  


Is it a matter of the more you pay, the better the picture is going to be?  Is that always or never the case?  Kinda like with HDMI cables, LOL.


I know two things...I can only fit a 65" and my #1 pick is Vizio.  I am completely committed that this is the best bang-for-the-buck you can get in a TV.  I would consider Samsung, but when comparing apples to apples between the two, Vizio is half the cost.


So, money not being a limiting factor in the 65" range (I figure $2K or less), what would you?  What features are a must; HDR obviously?  Other tech specs?


Thanks guys!

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You'll likely get a lot of tech-inspired responses, so I'll offer a more simplistic approach as you sort through them: Buy what you like and can afford. If you're happy with the 65" Vizio, go for it. The TV you buy today will be "obsolete" in a a year, if it's not already. My two simple pennies... Good luck in your search!

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My order of preference is:


Samsung QLED

Sony XBR


The why is the more important reason.  The picture is pretty equal between them and the software is easy to update and just as important, no matter what equipment I have connect to any of them, they work and work well.  If it was a judgement from sound standpoint, it would be the Samsung, Sony then LG, but I have Harmon sound bars on all my TV's so the internal sound isn't nearly as important.   


In my opinion, the other vendors seem to be a couple of years behind and there always seems to be a few parts that don't work as well as the three I listed.  Steady sound is one feature that I find important and works well on all three, this is the feature to keep the commercials at the same volume as the program.  Also the light contrast between full daylight, evening and night is better.


The important factor is what your preferences are and how you use your TV.  My recommendation is to go to a couple of different stores and look at them to make a decision.  You really do need to go to a couple of stores, the lighting in the store and setup of the TV in demo mode will provide different viewing characteristics. 

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I am 50/50 on Samsung. I have 2 40” LED Samsung smart TVs. The first one I got in about 2012, love it, smart TV part I don’t really use but it is very user friendly, easy to navigate. It’s mounted on the wall and all cabling is hidden. I had a dark horizontal line near the top appear one day. Couldn’t diagnose it for sure and no electronic repair places near me would look at it for less than $200 diagnosis plus parts...if available. Just ended up storing that one and got another 40” smart LED Samsung TV. Mounted this one on wall with same bracket as old TV. I didn’t like the smart TV that much, harder to navigate than the original TV but I put up with it. I finally got around to tinker with the old TV and took it apart after about a year. Found a burned out LED strip. Tracked it down online, installed and TV is back to fully functioning. Swapped the TVs back so original TV is on bracket on wall.  About another year or so go by with no problems. Until one day I get a dark horizontal line near the bottom of the TV.  I know what means, and I order another LED strip, except this time I order 2 so I have one for spare. While waiting for those to arrive, a day or 2 go by and the whole TV is black, no sound or picture.  Take it off the wall, swap the bracket onto other TV and rehang it. Do some research and find that I need the LED driver board. So I order that and wait for delivery. When I get all my parts I take the TV apart and swap out the LED strip that was burned out and swap LED driver boards. Test it out and it’s back working. Then again, I swap mounting brackets and TVs. Been good for the last 6 months. 


Zero problems with the second Samsung LED tv I bought. Great picture on both TVs. 

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