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Pad for One Step Polish



I have a new bottle of the One step Polish that I ordered to use with the spray Ceramic on the wife's daily driver.  I did not order the pad that goes with it by mistake.  I wanted to use it on my car prior tp waxing and was wondering if I could use either the white or orange pad.

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4 hours ago, Nickfire20 said:

You can use it with any pad,  orange for medium correction and white for final.  One step polish is awesome stuff.

I absolutely agree with Nick and have used both pads with One Step and I have also used the dedicated the one step pad which seemed to be between the Orange and White.  The only negative I can say about the negative pad is that for me, it was harder to clean, but all three are effective according to your needs.   In any combination, the one step polish is awesome as Nick stated.

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