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Haven't been around in a long time, an injury took me out of my detailing routine and when I recovered I started to focus on one of my old passions. Too much has gone on since then to cover all of it but I did pick up 2018 Mustang GT (base) with 13,000 plus miles on it, Royal Crimson Metallic, that is in need of some correction so I thought I would come back in and say hi again.


Originally when I bought the Mustang I was thinking PPF, Ceramic Coating etc, but then I saw where prices were these days, the fact that I will likely only drive it 4000 to 5000 miles a year, and also saw how many chips I had ( I bought the car near sunset, couldn't be helped, it was 2-1/2 hours away and I was afraid if I didn't go that day, by the next weekend it would be gone, too far to go on a work day and deal with Bay Area traffic)


I also have some areas that are worse then your run of the mill spider webbing dealers like to install port side, like someone parked to close to a bush and scrapped the front facia and the headlight with it. Nothing the grabs a fingernail but its something I may not be able to completely remove. If I can get the rest touched up (chips), spider webs corrected, and cut down the bush scrape I should be good, the fact that I didn't buy the car new has led me down the path of thinking full front end PPF and professoinal ceramic coating is just not worth it. So I have decided to save the money, invest it in Adam's products inclusing the SK 15 mm, and see how far I can get. If the correction and chip repairs turn out strong, I may go ahead and do a partial front PPF


Because of the items I needed to get for just the correction, I am going with the Ceramic Liquid wax for my protection, my BW is quite old, as opposed to the Ceramic Coating products as tempting as they were with the BF specials. I am looking at correction and Ceramic Liquid wax as phase one and may next year during BF I can add a real Ceramic Coating product, even if its just the wheels, until I use up most if not all of my SiO2 maintenance kit.


I do remember how helpful the forum was and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can, again!


Note to self: be more generic when crafting forum names, my "Yota"  Camry was unceremonially retired with just 75,000 miles on it when it got totalled. The car looked fantastic prior to it happening. Even the body shop that did the write up commented to me on the condition of the paint and interior.


Unfortunately, I don't have a worthy picture yet, but here is something to hold you over.


Well, a lot longer intro then my first one....




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Hi JP, Great to see another Mustang on the Forum.  I took mine from regular wax to Ceramic Paste Wax and most recently to Ceramic Spray Coating.  Any of them will compliment the Mustang and unfortunately we've pick up some stone chips with each, so the next course is going to be a Paint Protection Film for the front end since I know we can polish it and use CSC on it.

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