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FedEx truck wrecked


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Was expecting my Adam's delivery today (2 actually, but separate).  The one came..........the other one didn't make it. FedEx tracking went from "out for delivery, delivery Friday" to "Scheduled delivery pending" and "No scheduled delivery date available at this time".  Well, long story short, we had an unexpected ice storm today and a FedEx truck was involved in a bad accident on the nearby highway. I'm betting my package was on that truck.  Would be about the right time, right area.  Dang.  😢

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Hopefully, your order isn't caught up in the storm.  Fedex used to be pretty good about getting info back to the shipper when something happened, but it is possible that they are overwhelmed with the holidays. 


My last order sat in Kennessaw, GA for 5 days at FedEx and just arrived today.  The orders page showed where it was at, but the delivery date was marked as Delivery Date Unknown and then it made it to Columbia last night and was delivered today.


I know that there is nothing that the Adam's team could do about it, it's just the way Fedex operates sometimes.


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Well,  turns out it was on the wrecked truck, they recovered it, sent me an email it was coming today by Smart Post, didn't come, sent me another email that it's coming tomorrow. 13 days for my Ballsy wash. Sure hope it makes it.  I'm starting to STINK!  :lolsmack:

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