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Helloooo from Chicago


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New here but I’ve been buying AP and active in the FB community since August.

Picked up detailing to renew my love for cars after selling my baby (07 WRX) and picking up a “family car”... Been an awesome therapeutic outlet for me since then. 

In the West Chicago burbs so if anyone in the area is trading/selling, LMK! 

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Welcome, Christian!


So you know, per forum rules, selling of Adam's chemicals is strictly prohibited on here, and you need to have a minimum of 50 posts to trade. You can sell any Adam's accessories and non-Adam's chemicals, accessories, etc. All related activities to trades, etc, are in the Garage Sale forum.


PS Go Pack Go! 😃

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20 hours ago, BfromORD said:

Welcome Christian!
@falcaineer...  Why do you have to kick us Bears fans when we are down?...  lol


Chris is just mad that he can't get a wet Portillos Italian Beef sandwich or any Lou Malnatis pizza lol ( @falcaineer sorry I just had to, not going to say what I had for lunch today though 😅)

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