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Ceeramic Switch Over



I have been a strong believer in the old tried and proven detailing method of wash, clay, polish, glaze then wax and used different products to keep the shine show ready.  Well I maybe changed that after doing a Ceramic Spray Coating on the wife's car.  I placed an order for more ceramic boost, the ceramic waterless. the Wash & Coat as well as a second bottle of the UV Spray Coating.   I am really thinking of doing my Corvette with the ceramic.

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I was the same way with the Mustang in believing it would be wax or nothing, it ended up being the 4th or 5th vehicle that I migrated to Ceramic.  Next up will be Range Rover and then maybe the 240z once it gets out of the paint shop.   The 300z has to through restoration and get the new engine put in and that one being white may get HGG instead, just don't know yet.


The Mustang still gets wax applied by using the Ceramic Paste Wax, so I at least get some comfort on that aspect.

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