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Hey everyone, New to the site and fairly new to the Adams Family. I love Adams polishes and am currently building my arsenal. I am a detail lover by hobby and I really enjoy an ultra Clean car. I am 23 years old from Calgary AB, Canada where our winters are so brutal but summers are perfect. I have a 2016 Lexus IS 350 F sport in Ultra White with the Rioja Red Interior. I have recently completed a full paint correction and Adams UV Ceramic coating on it and oh man what a life changer. Love it and maintenance washing or Therapy washes as i like to say are so much easier now and the beading is amazing. Can’t wait to get some CS3 to add to my ceramic maintenance. I hope I can learn much more from the forum and also be able to add insights from experiences.





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7 hours ago, BfromORD said:

Welcome, Chase!...  Love the color combo of your ride with the white exterior and the red interior!  Same as my Alfa!  It will turn heads, but I'm sure you already know that!

Thanks Appreciate the compliments!

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1 hour ago, Nickfire20 said:

Welcome and sweet freakin ride,  love the black/white on the rear and those wheels are sick!


Thanks nick! It’s a work in progress, my summer wheels will be bigger and better, stay tuned ;)

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