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Polishing/Protecting Chrome



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4 hours ago, Chris@Adams said:

Yes definitely add some sort of protection. If it were me I would use CS for your chrome , easy on & off with months of protection.


Hey, Chris...I'm assuming you mean CSC (Ceramic Spray Coating), but you may also mean CS3. My vote is for the former as a base, then the latter and/or Ceramic Boost (less frequently) to maintain.

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Don't overlook what you can accomplish with Metal Polish #1 followed up with Metal Polish #2 then simply topped with just Brilliant Glaze!

51 year old bumpers on this 76,000 mile 1969 Z/28




The Metal Polishes were worked with blue foam pads using the SK Mini

Before and after on the wheels, same process as above:




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On ‎3‎/‎26‎/‎2020 at 1:01 PM, aclass said:

I'm planning to use the Adams chrome polish as a first coat on the motorcycle but should I also follow up with a coat of paint sealant for protection? Or is the polish sufficient?



Adams makes a chrome polish? Or is this metal polish 1 and 2?

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Adam makes Metal Polishes, not a specific chrome polish. We have Metal Polish #1 which is the most aggressive, used to remove light scratches, rust trails and oxidation. Metal Polish #2 used as a final step to give the most pop, depth, and clarity to the metal.

By the way, chrome is metal.


Adam's metal polishes work on all types of metal, as long as it's smooth:

Stainless Steel

Raw Aluminum

Pot Metal


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