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Adam's Vanity Plate Registry!

Team Adam's

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Vanity license plates always seemed really fun and interesting to me - so let's start a registry!


Post up your forum name, the state the plate is registered in, and the plate message! I'll add them to the list as you post them up!



Member               State        Plate
Adam                 CA           AW YNOT
Babyfer              CA           (LOVE)RBBFER
BlownG8GT            CA           BLWN G8
CRQuarto             CA           1FSTFRD
Jason@Adams          CA           FUN LS1
Jason@Adams          CA           MPG H8R
SnakeHandler         CA           SNKE(HAND)LR
GerryC               CT           MANURE
McDuff               OH           TUFF32
crowvet              OR           67COPO
Rich427              FL           69L36
Rich427              FL           NBM01
Rich427              FL           Z06CE
Richie Carbone       FL           BDDA BNG
Krzdimond            GA           TSCHUSS
HammerZR1            ID           SNKSKNR
bigred vette         IL           BGRD VET
SkyBaby Aubrey       IL           SEXYSKY
todbusa              PA           USHAKIN
todbusa              PA           SNTANGR
BadMustangsClub      SC           HORSPWR
BlueMonteSS          VA           RIX MCSS
WLJohnson05          VA           CUSTARN
ZZERO6               VA           Z ZERO 6



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On the '62, it had, AW YNOT. That stands for TONY spelled backwards, my Dad's name. It's going to get a set of original yellow w/ black plates, with the correct 1962 sticker, however, once ready to hit the road!

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