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New Girl in Virginia


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Hey everyone!


I just now realized Adam's had this forum!


Just a little about myself. I am currently located in Virginia Beach, VA. I just moved here recently from Alaska. Change of pace by far! I own a nice TBSS and I am truly realizing how awesome it is to actually do my own detailing! It's a lot of work but well worth it in the end!


I use my TBSS as a daily driver (DD) but I do put her in shows every now and then just for fun. I actually have two shows coming up in May and one is with the Corvettes! I am a little excited.


Anyway I sincerely look forward to getting to know everyone and soak up the knowledge of the professionals!!!


Without further delay...here are a few pics of my ride!


And....the worst my ride has ever been (I drove from Alaska to Virginia)...my detail shop here in Virginia had their work cut out for them... :)









And after the detail (professional of course)








** PS sorry about the large pictures...apparently this forum doesn't resize pics from photobucket.

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Thanks Ryan. I just hope I can learn all the good things I need to know in order to do that kind of detailing on my own! :)


A good start are the Adam's videos and Junkman videos. They are a wealth of information when it comes to detailing, and if you need any additional help, any of us here on the forum are always willing to lend a hand :D

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!

I will definitely check out the videos and whatnot to learn the ways of the masters! :)


Also thanks for the compliments. I truly LOVE my blue SS and keeping her clean is always a priority! Best 4-door vette ever! :)


Yes, Bruce, I am on the tbssowners.com forum. That's how I found this forum was from the threads over there. I've been on this site many times and didnt even pay attention to the fact that there was a discussion forum! :)

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Couldn't help but notice the screen name. Are you a meteorologist by chance? or just a fan? I have my degree in meteorology and worked as one for a little bit after college but life had other plans for me. I still try to get my chasing fix in when I can though. :)


The TBSS looks great!

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Thanks guys...I totally missed the "im in VB too" ....im so miserable right now with the POLLEN....ugh. I am usually down in the oceanfront area or on the interstate but if you see me with my Alaska tag...don't be shy! :D

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