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Does Dash Color Make a Difference?


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I've always liked the red for some reason but it's not a deal breaker if the car doesn't have them. The dark blue (almost purple) lights VW has/had are also awesome IMO.


My G8GT has red. LOVE THEM!


#1 is cost

#2 is looks (interior and exterior)

#3 is power

#4 is options


The G8 gave me everything I needed! :2thumbs:

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when i was looking at new cars.. i was hoping to get a BMW.. they were fun and in my price range at the time, i test drove a few, then while on the BMW lot.. i saw an Acura TL.. got inside, LOVED the dash lights.. from then on.. i couldn't stand the BMW's and i had to get a new TL :D


so yes.. i don't wanna look at ugly stuff in front of me unless i HAVE to ;)

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EVERYTHING can be changed...


My old car, had all red lights, neons, etc... the dash was green, so I ripped it apart and made it all red to match..



This truck OEM dash is green, and just so happens that I went with green for all the LED's and such.





Thats the only thing that matters to me. I don't care what I buy a vehicle for, it gets messed with and changed anyways...


Hell, I bought a truck because I wanted a truck to use as a truck... Now if I need to haul something, I grab the El Camino... LOL

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Actually, from a nerdy, scientific standpoint....red and orange dash lights give you better night vision..Or should I say don't disturb your night vision as much. I am a light fanatic...although, it wouldn't affect my choice in buying a vehicle. I mean, if a Vette, Ferrari or Porsche has rainbow lights and I have the money.....I am buying the car.


This is my first day on the postings and I have noticed some BEAUTIFUL vettes!



2008 GMC Sierra

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Wouldn't that be cool?!?!?!? One of the best features that I have seen was in the latest body style of the Mustang was the adjustable interior dash lighting. Whatever shade you are in the mood for...the Mustang lights will cater to.


I am easy to please apparently!





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