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  1. I do use 2 towels one application short nap , plusher for buffing .
  2. I use CS3 as a drying aid on my wheels after rinsing them .
  3. I am waiting for the new Ceramic spray :) The slick and slide will be its topper after its cured. I have been using the slick and slide on my wife's Rogue and its the only spray that brings out and outstanding gloss and makes it a lot easier to wash :) My retirement gift to me car GLC 300 gets the new ceramic spray :)
  4. Picked up new 15mm and micro along with 2 foam guns Looking to try out micro since it has adjustable throws. My mini will set to see how micro works. Shipping was excellent , Bought in morning afternoon shipped
  5. Just saw the new 15mm Adams cordless polisher on you tube . Needless to say ordered one and got conformation it was shipped
  6. I bought a 15mm Swirl Killer the 1st of August and when I went to first went to start it up I had a burnt electrical smell and when I shut it down it sounded like marbles banging around :( I called customer service and let them listen to the polisher and the service rep said Mr. Bence I am sending you a new one out today and they emailed me return info and shipping label Within 10 minutes. That's why I bought from Adams and not a knock off site GREAT customer service ..THANKS !!!!!
  7. I am a weekend warrior and I thought this would be right for me. The right price now ......
  8. THANKS for new mini I was so close to buying a Zen-tool mini and this pop up in my email of course with price going on now DA !!! I bought it for my arsenal...Again THANK YOU Adams for supplying myself with great new products...
  9. My 2 cents as a hobbyist ( I Play a real one one TV ) that with the sale going on now this is a good deal on a long throw. I own a Chinese version of a flex and it has work great for me. Again I am a hobbyist / enthusiast Now if I was a full time detailer of course I would get better unit but for me this polisher is in my cart
  10. Hi from Aliquippa, Pa Go up 79 hang a left on 376 and go out past GTR PITT Oh yea will be at Sarris`s for Easter candy
  11. Welcome from Aliquippa, pa
  12. On backing plates make sure you mark it with a black felt marker this way you can make sure its rotating and adjust your pressure.
  13. I find the plush towel to work for me. I dry the windows first to get towel damp then do the rest of the car
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