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Pictures of my new Viper


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Picked up a 2003 SRT-10 w/ 12k miles from a fellow VCA NY/CT member about 3 weeks ago. It's been sitting in the garage ever since so I thought it was time to start it up for a little. While it was running I decided to snap some pictures. Enjoy...












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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Light em up yet?


I'd need stock in GoodYear if I owned that... like the 'vette - couldn't keep tires on that car.

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moparr :D nice Viper my man! I got to ride in a 96 gts that came to a meet one time, and the newer ACR that was at the SRT experience. If i didnt get one like yours (big poster in my room that looks almost the exact same haha), id get the Snakeskin green ACR, its actually the color behind my work in the spring. I cant wait :D




BTW love those wheels, look awesome with red.

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