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We're fast approaching the end of the year! With our eyes set on the future we want to make sure we continue to improve and adapt our business to continue to offer the best products/service we can.


Since Adam's has always been a company so focused on customer input and feedback we want your input! Please take a few minutes to complete the survey linked below. It will help us gather information on a number of things like product popularity, customer service performance, and help us identify areas where we can improve.


When the survey is complete you'll receive a discount code good for $10 off your next order!




All of your responses and input will be kept 100% confidential unless you opt to provide us with your contact information.


Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our products, support, and service. Cheers to a fantastic 2013 and a happy, propserous 2014!

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I think I miss read the first page or two when rating products.  I did not give any I rated the worst score.  I mentioned that in my assessment, but want to make sure it is seen.  So if something got the worst, in my mind I thought I was giving it the best. 

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