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That's Chris' leg in the front.  He could use one of those, just not  on his head!    :lolsmack:  :lolsmack:


You must be thinking of this brush:



  • Perfect for Grooming Your Sasquatchy Legs
  • Long Handle to Reach all the Way to Your Toes
  • Premium Quality Bristles Work on All Types of Fur
  • Easily Removes Leaves, Twigs and Small Rodents
  • Made in Narnia


:jester: :jester:  :jester:  

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I have yet to caption all the photos, some are a little harder than others, but I keep going back to this one.  I think it will end up with more than a few captions.  I will not, however, put Rich's caption on there, as I don't want to get BANNED!


attachicon.gifAdam and Dave 3.jpg

AW COM'ON!!  DO IT!!! :banana:

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Nothing but love for you, brother, but you might want to consider seeking professional help.


Thanks Roger, I was just thinking about signing up for a class on Photoshop to learn some new...



Oh, wait a minute, that's not the kind of help you were referring too.    :willy:






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