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Are these products Authorized by Adams Polishes??

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Not to start any trouble but while price checking for a clear bra for the front of my ATS-V  I stumbled upon a site that appears to be selling Adams Polishes products relabeled as Cadillac car care products..

Are these products authorized or endorsed by Adams Polishes?


Adams Detail Spray / Cadillac Quick Gloss.



Butter Wax / Cadillac Ultra Glow



Car Shampoo / Cadillac Auto Lather



Found them here



And here


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This great! (Sarcasm.) One can buy what appears to be 16 oz of brand AP shampoo, err Cadillac Auto Lather (!) for $19.95 plus $12.65 (Fixed shipping cost). What was the old saying about something being born everyday?  :D 

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I've seen those products at D3 also and wondered the same thing. I usually forget by the time I log off. Will wait to hear the official word from an Adam's team member.

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Interesting...... If they are Adam's products inside you think there would be some mention of it on the bottle somewhere so one could find they way to get more verity of products. But it sure looks similar in colors that's for sure. I think its great if it is good for Adam's for being able to supply more products out there. They need to sneak the Adams "A" logo in the A in C *a dillac :)

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My apologies for not replying more quickly to this one. These are authorized products of Adam's Polishes, just like our GM line for Corvette/Camaro, but labeled as Cadillac. We have these bottles in our show room when you walk into the headquarters, but I guess it's never come up for discussion before this. 

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