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Getting pretty excited!

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So for the past 3 weeks I've been gone on a business trip to Germany (I'm still currently in Germany).  And I've finally started to get a little home sick and I'm missing my wife and kids real bad.  My wife knows this and decided she would try to cheer me up.  And oh boy did it work!   :D  :wub:

My birthday is coming up in early November and she decided I could now have my birthday gifts from her.  She told me I could go ahead and place an order from Adam's and get everything I'm needing for this fall/winter (good size order).  And on top of that, she ordered me an electric pressure washer and the Adam's foam cannon!!!!  I'm so excited!  I so cannot wait to go home!   :)  :)  :)


I'll post up pictures of everything once I get back home!  

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That's awesome! Make sure you say hi to the wife and kids before you disappear in the garage for a few days.

Haha!  Oh I will.  I'm sure I'll be somewhat emotional at the airport when they pick me up.  This is the first time I've been away from them like this.  

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With all that for your birthday, what's left to get you for Christmas?   :lolsmack:


Sounds like you have a keeper. Treat her well.   :2thumbs:

She's for sure a keeper.  I don't know what I'd do without her.  

And it's funny you mention the Christmas thing.  She basically said the same thing.  She said she has no idea what to do for me for Christmas lol.  But I'm sure Adam's will have a few more new product releases between now and Christmas that I'll just have to have. ;)

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Awesome collection!! What were you doing in Germany if you don't mind me asking. We deal with a lot of different companies from there. I'm in the dairy industry.

I'm a process engineer in the automotive industry. We are implementing a new process in the US (3D blow molding). And it's already heavily used in Europe. So I was there learning as much as I could on that.

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