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Adam's Windshield Washer Fluid?

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31 minutes ago, Mariner said:

Mine gets filled for free during my Toyota maintenance intervals. I’m curious as to how it’s boosted... what does that even mean?

I’m guessing it’s like adding glass boost to your windshield washer fluid. So when you use your windshield washer, you help maintain the properties of glass sealant. 

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Hey guys, Kyle here. I'm in charge of product development at HQ and I can assure you that project is still in the premature stages. It was originally conceptualized to be a tablet style with "glass Boost" application but the alcohol content in the Boost has been pesky for perfect results. We have some goodies coming for ya! 

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Im with you Chonke, but here in MD, I may see the need to use it during a rough commute in the winter where salt flies everywhere and vision is truly minimal at times.  Also during or just after some nasty rain storms on the highway when nasty water is flying all over.  And in those times i would prefer an Adam’s product over any others.


i wonder how it will come...as a concentrate that we mix with water or if it’ll be sold in gallons.

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