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Adams for the "company car" too? Yes, please!!!


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@rleblanc The cars look great, but I have to say those are some ugly wheels on your police car.   As for the overall color of the trooper car, that looks nice, the South Carolina  trooper cars are silver and then a lot of the Sheriff's have Baby x Brown cars, which are pretty sad looking.

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Thanks.  As for the wheels, c'est la vie.  Personally, I don't think the silver 5-spoke that SCHP has would look good with our color scheme...the black blends in.  As for the color, I"m not a fan.  "John Deere Green" would not have been my first choice, but who am I to argue with 71 years of tradition.  haha!!  Have a good weekend!

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9 hours ago, rleblanc said:

Took advantage of one of the last warmish days in VT and got the "company ride" done up.  Of course, I had to touch up the CTS as well.  Sunshine, Adams' and a couple of cars.....great way to get some "therapy".  haha!!  Have a great weekend, all.







Thats awesome! Looking good!  

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