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New addict in Colorado

Brownie 303

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Hello all, I'm Alex, born and raised in Colorado!  I used to detail for an auto auction in my 20s which was mostly quick slicks with a finish pad.  It's safe to say 15 years later I re-ignited my love for detailing the minute I found Adam's.  My wifes black explorer was previously polished with a rabid porcupine and I just couldn't let it look like that. I look forward to learning deep scratch removal outside of "sand it, wool it, ship it".  The explorer got a full roof rail to ground decon and strip wash.  Then I did the 3 step correction, sealant, americana and a touch of brilliant glaze, undercarriage spray, tire armor and shine as well as trim restore. Wheel polishes 1 & 2 as well as the ceramic trim and headlight are this week provided I can warm my garage up.  My 18 sting grey wrangler is next up as it was unfortunately washed with a broom on delivery, grrr. 






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I'm in north Commerce City.  Or as I like to say, 15 minutes from Adam's haha.  Thanks for the compliments, dont be fooled though, theres a few serious scratches left. I need to learn how to sand them out and correct. I'm hoping to pick up some tips on Sat the 7th. 

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Thank you all!  I have to admit that I'm watching like a HAWK for when Adam's is hiring. I had to resign from my dream job (firefighter) as an old shoulder injury resurfaced during academy.  So now I put on 15 pounds and a full beard and work a boring job, I've been in warehousing and production so one day I may catch someone's eye with my details 😀

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5 hours ago, Mike E. said:


It would be nice if we came up with Adam's Forum ID badges...


What do you think falcaineer?


Great minds think alike, Mike and @Brownie 303. That's actually something I brought up about two years ago on here but it never gained traction, and I forgot about it. Might be time to talk to the team again...


In the meantime, we should still meet up while there. I'll PM you both...



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Feeling like an Angel with a filthy soul with todays take. When my wife sees this, I'm going to have till the count of three before she pumps my guts full of lead. Santa doesnt visit the morgue!  

The foam cannon needed a bottle, and I bought the microfiber wash mitt, car shampoo, ball shampoo and hat, the rest is folding cart and sk pro mystery boxes!  

On a side note Falcaineer, with so much going on in my head I didnt get a receipt or make sure I got my entries for the drawing.  Is a simple email to the customer service team good or should I go back??


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