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  1. dirtymarcus

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    If spray ceramic coating is all you ordered, it probably wont be shipping yet. I got my order with a card that said it's currently backordered. Which sucks big time, I clayed, polished, prepped, counting on receiving the spray yesterday. When I got my package and saw the card I was like wtf? Would have been nice to know it was backordered when I placed the order. So I ran to the garage and applied a coat of sealant. Now I'll have to strip that off again once it arrives. Whenever that is.
  2. dirtymarcus

    Glass boost leaking

    Yea, my glass boost sprayer only shoots a straight stream of fluid. Not very helpful and they dont even have replacement sprayers for sale on their site, for this sprayer. I'm 100% not a fan of those dainty little sprayers either.
  3. dirtymarcus

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    This drizzle wont stop, neither will the beads.
  4. dirtymarcus

    All of our latest work

    LOL well the flowers are the wifes idea since its her car. The hips, all mine baby 😂
  5. dirtymarcus

    All of our latest work

    LOL yea, i really need to get another container for dirty towels. I hadnt thought about it until I took that pic and noticed the reflection. Also I'd like to add the curves of the car make it look like I have woman hips in the reflection. I can promise yall I do not LOL.
  6. dirtymarcus

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    That instagram post convinced me to buy the CSC. I wasnt going to because i need to use up the americana and buttery wax i have and i literally received an order last week. Buuuuut, I need to correct the roof on my truck this week, figured that would be a good test area for this stuff. It such a pain to get up there and work on, this stuff should make it easier plus provide good protection once the summer texas sun beat down later on.
  7. dirtymarcus

    All of our latest work

    I hope this thread isnt only for professional detailers. Washed my truck today and my wifes car looked miserable, having not been washed in probably 4-5 months. Thank God for grit guards, ultra foam soap, and turbo sticks lol. I hate washing her wheels. Ended up doing some correction on the roof and hood. Apparently her wiper blade flew out and scuffed up her roof and windshield. Most of the damage came out but i need to go back over with heavy correcting compound to fix it completely. The car needs to be clayed too but I hadnt planned to work on it today and got a late start and ran out of time. I dont know when ill be able to keep her car for an entire day again so I just applied LPS and Americana. Cleaned the tires, trim, and plastic with TRC, applied TA, and undercarriage spray. I missed a couple spots on the wiper cowl, my fingers are too big lol. I need to invest in a wiper arm puller. I wish I would have taken some before pics, the car looked terrible lol.
  8. dirtymarcus

    Tire Armor

    Figured I add to this post. Washed the wifes car today and decided to apply the tire armor since her car doesnt get washed as often. One less thing to spend time cleaning as thoroughly. It took about 6-7 rounds of scrubbing with tire cleaner to get the foam to be completely white. Her tires were very brown and nasty. I applied two coats of the TA and I think it looks good. Not as much shine as VRT or TS but good enough for me.
  9. dirtymarcus

    New lugnut brush

    Well, there goes my free million dollar idea lol.
  10. I've always thought the lug nut brush wasnt adequate enough and never really cleans caked on road grime very well. Its more of a thick paint brush IMO. It doesnt really clean the barrels of the lug nut holes and on splined lug nuts, doesnt clean the cervices. I just had an idea about making a hollow/concave brush of some kind that will be thin enough to fit between the lug nut barrel and the lug nut. Something with soft bristles obviously.
  11. dirtymarcus

    Air compressor for drying

    Never thought of the volume/pressure aspect. Thats a good point though, guess i should have added that MB with my order on monday lol. Well, hopefully next time I order I'll grab one. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. dirtymarcus

    Air compressor for drying

    Yea I almost bought the sidekick but I use my compressor on air tools and very occasional painting. I figured the money would be better off spent towards making a drier/filtration system for my compressor. I assume since people uses these systems for painting, they will work for drying a car. Just want to make sure they do and that I wont be micro sand blasting my paint every time i wash the truck.
  13. Does anyone here use an air compressor for drying their vehicles? I dont mean straight air from the compressor, I know that can have lots of stuff in it. Ive been thinking of setting up a drier and filter setup, similar to that used for automotive painting. I'm assuming that type of setup would filter out moisture and particulates as to not damage the paint or wheels. Any thoughts or opinions?
  14. dirtymarcus

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    When switching out your foam cannon to the spray nozzle on your pressure washer, make sure the spray nozzle is secure in the gun. A 3200 psi sprayer sends a loose spray nozzle flying at about 8000 MPH. Luckily it didnt hit my window or damage my truck.......errrrr my friends window/truck. I would never make such a stupid mistake.
  15. dirtymarcus

    4 year Adam's veteran

    Thanks yall! Not too bad for a hobbiest detailer I suppose lol.