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  1. bikeryder007

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    Thanks man. I will probably just use both then. My car has light swirl marks and that is it. I have no experience with the finishing polish yet though, so it is all new to me. Also, as a newb, I just want to say I really appreciate your posts on here. I have learned a ton just by reading your posts.
  2. bikeryder007

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    If I am about to detail my car that is less than a year old with only minor blemishes, could I use CP and FP together and just do it in one step? I do have both polishes and orange and white pads as well, but I am just curious. Thanks.
  3. bikeryder007

    Amazing Transformation

    Actually man, my clear coat is going in spots too, along with rust spots, and small dents from using my truck shuttling DH mountain bike runs. Of course, it did not fix the clear coat spots, but the truck is overall so shiny it does not matter. Good luck with it!
  4. bikeryder007

    Amazing Transformation

    Ha, I just had a similar transformation on my old truck. It is an 05 with 263,000 and I have never taken care of it properly at all. Then I bought a 15mm swirl killer and other Adam's products for my new car and decided to practice on my truck. The difference was ridiculous.... Before After
  5. bikeryder007

    Any VW Folks

    Sweet R. I am new here too with an Alltrack.