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  1. Bright pink liquid stains white towel! News at 11. Ha, what would be surprising is if it did not stain. I have a double soft that turned light pink from detail spray. It still works awesome months later.
  2. Thanks guys. mc2hill, I may use your method next time. Last night, I did not know if I was going to have time to do it all, so I just did a regular rinseless wash with one bucket and towels. Then a few hours later, I used a 32 ounce bottle of distilled water to wet the panels and spread out the G and G with a big microfiber applicator. It turned out great. I am still absolutely amazed that I can throughly wash my car with one gallon of water. Pic from this morning...
  3. Tonight I am planning on doing a rinseless wash followed up with H2O, and I have a quick question about the process. It seems like I read a post from an Adam's employee that it was best to not do them at the same time, because rinseless contains wax, but I can't find the post. My plan is to do a rinseless wash and dry like normal, then afterwards use a 32 ounce bottle with diluted water to wet each panel and then apply the G & G. I was just curious of the process that you guys use, and if you actually just apply G & G during a rinseless wash when the panel is still wet?
  4. I think using anything from the borderless grey towels all the way up to the double soft would be fine. I used towels similar to the borderless grey for the washing, and used an Adam's double soft to dry. There is so little water on the car that one double soft dried the whole car without feeling saturated at all.
  5. I just did my first rinseless wash ever with Adams’s Rinseless, and really loved the process and the results. I used two gallons of distilled water, a little over an ounce of rinseless, 5 or 6 microfiber towels, and I used waterless wash on each panel before starting. It feels weird washing a car like this for the first time, but now that I have done it, I think this is my new favorite product. I have hard water where I live and it is almost impossible to avoid water spots with regular washing, and I did not get a single spot with rinseless. Also, the shine it gives is the same as using using a regular wash and drying using detail spray. Love this stuff.
  6. I like the same ones you guys do especially the original detail spray. But my favorite is a different one. I love the smell of the orange correcting polish.
  7. Griots has a perfecting creme which is a finishing polish, and they also have a finishing sealant which is like a AIO. You don't want to use the finishing sealant. Also, I can vouch for Adam's finishing polish as I just used it and it works great.
  8. I got the car in January, but it had sat on the dealer lot for a while. It now has right under 10,000 miles on it. I am just glad I got it where I want it now, so it should be easier to take care of now. Thanks.
  9. So, I did a 2 stage paint correction and full detail on my Alltrack. It was a TON of work, but I am really happy with how it turned out. It looked great right after using the finishing polish. Then, I sealed the paint and let it cure. But it really took on a crazy shine after the brilliant glaze and a coat of Americana. Process used: strip wash, iron remover, clay, correcting polish, then finishing polish, paint sealant, brilliant glaze and a coat of Americana. Adams products used: strip wash, two buckets, new wash mitt, hose sprayer, iron remover, shampoo, tire and wheel brushes,Drying towel, detail spray, 15mm swirl killer, 5 orange pads, 4 white pads, correcting and finishing polish. VRT, tire shine, glaze, Americana and a boatload of microfiber towels. I read a lot of advice on here before I started, and just wanted to say thanks.
  10. I follow this as well, but I have a quick question. Is there a reason that you can not use iron remover before you wash? Just curious. I did my truck in the order above and smelled that iron remover for a week. ?
  11. Thanks man. I will probably just use both then. My car has light swirl marks and that is it. I have no experience with the finishing polish yet though, so it is all new to me. Also, as a newb, I just want to say I really appreciate your posts on here. I have learned a ton just by reading your posts.
  12. If I am about to detail my car that is less than a year old with only minor blemishes, could I use CP and FP together and just do it in one step? I do have both polishes and orange and white pads as well, but I am just curious. Thanks.
  13. Actually man, my clear coat is going in spots too, along with rust spots, and small dents from using my truck shuttling DH mountain bike runs. Of course, it did not fix the clear coat spots, but the truck is overall so shiny it does not matter. Good luck with it!
  14. Ha, I just had a similar transformation on my old truck. It is an 05 with 263,000 and I have never taken care of it properly at all. Then I bought a 15mm swirl killer and other Adam's products for my new car and decided to practice on my truck. The difference was ridiculous.... Before After
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