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2006 "GTO" gets dusted

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 Thanks guys. I've had her since new and I've neglected her quite a bit. Only 6,300 miles :(


 my plan was to get my dream '65 or '66 and keep them parked next to each other. Now it looks like she'll be someone else's to enjoy. She is for sale reluctantly. Sitting here wishing I'd put another ten thousand on the odometer. It really is a solid fun car. 


 Does Dan have a Holden GTO? What color? Cool :)

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Beautiful ride Van!


I have a 2006 Impulse Blue GTO that I bought new in 2006 and will never sell, and I picked up a 2016 Chevy SS sedan 2 years ago now as a daily driver. You could say I like blue Holdens just a bit :)




And the SS in temporary Rally North America trim:



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Very nice Dan :) that impulse is sharp. Did you get the blue inserts on the leather or all black? Really like those wheels as well. 


 Don't get me started on Holden and Pontiac and the decisions that have come down on them. Very sad here to see them go :(

 My grandfather had a Pontiac dealership for close to fifty years. I grew up in that place. 

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