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What Adam's Product do you run out of most often?

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At first, I really liked the detail spray, so I bought a gallon refill to go with my spray bottle. Then I tried the APC. Loved it. Bought a gallon. Do you see a pattern here?


Anyway, fast forward about 8 months...


Now I have a gallon refill in my cabinet of almost every Adam's product, with a 16oz. version as well for use. (I had to buy a second cabinet)


But the thing I am wondering is, which product do you guys go through the most? (What do you run out of first)?


For me, it seems like it was going to be the famous Detail Spray, but actually the APC gallon jug ran out first, and was the first to get a reorder. I attribute this to the vast variety of tasks this thing can clean around the house.


So my score card is as follows:


1. APC

2. Detail Spray

3. Waterless Wash & Green Wheel Cleaner (tie)


What about you guys?

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Well I've never "run out" of anything yet. I just buy another gallon when I get low. However, my top 5 in order of volume used are:

1. All Purpose Cleaner

2. Waterless Car Wash

3. Detail Spray

4. Car Wash Shampoo

5. Green Wheel Cleaner

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