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Wanna guess what I did?

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:2thumbs: Thanks for buying American:cheers:


IMHO the 2009 and newer Dodge Rams are the best looking trucks on the road.


Congrats Nice truck!!!:burnout:




Lowrider, I like it!:jester:


Nice looking truck!!!


Thanks! I guess it is a lowrider compared to the GMC. It's still a 4WD though.


Any reason you got the Ram Boxes with it? I like the concept of them but I don't know how much I like the idea of tools being between fenders and the bed.


The boxes will be handy for holding my Adam's products if I have to do a mobile detail.

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In the process of buying a good thing happened. I was in my Accord when I found the truck. I had a picture and the VIN# of my GMC on my phone. We were real close on a deal without my GMC being there. I had to leave to go pick up my kids so he told me to take the Dodge and bring back the GMC so we could finish the deal last night. So, that's what I did.


While taking a test drive I'd told him that I detail cars and would be using the truck for my business.


In the final stages of negotiating we were $50 apart. I was about to walk when this dialog took place.


Salesman: Come on man you've got to bring it back tomorrow so we can wash it and clean it up for you.

Me: No. You don't have to wash it.

Salesman: We have to wash it.

Me: No. You don't.

Salesman: You don't understand. It's part of the deal that we clean it up for you.

Me: No, you don't understand. The truck is already at my house and I'm not bringing it back for you to wash it.

Salesman: That's right you do auto detailing. Hold on a minute.


He leaves to go talk to his boss. Then they both return and the boss wants to know how much I charge. I get one of my flyers out of the car, show him some before and after pics on my phone and the boss says I'll be getting a call from him.


In the end I got the $50 more off that I wanted.


And I've already received a call to pick up a car to do.


Business is looking good.

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