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Cleaned-up Grace (My RS4)



Cleaned up Grace...my RS4 on Friday night. Here are some quick pics of my new cabinets and the wash and interior clean. I must admit, the interior product's are amazing. They smell great and work superb on the premium leather on the interior seats, doors and dash of the RS. I also threw in the pics of my new cabinets from Father's Day. I have been totally converted on every aspect of detailing, except for the wheel cleaner. I haven't tried that yet....and love the brand I have. Maybe....sooooooon! Haha.


Disclaimer: The Zip Wax is old, and is reserved for the wheels until it is gone...then the entire Auto cabinet will be Adams. I am up to 10 Gallon refills and I have everything but a Flex or PC for right now..)


The IPad in the foreground had Pandora pumping all night...if you guys haven't used Pandora yet, your missing out. I was listening to the Buddy Holly and Bone Thugs Channel's all night long and it played awesome music with only sparce commercials. I'm only 34..but nothing IMHO compares to the music of the 50's and 60's.


New Cabinets and two bucket's from Adam's.....



MF and Applicator Storage...




Only the best brushes....the Boulder Blonde is the real deal.



Soaking in the twighlight after foam gun



Some quick after's








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Thanks for reminding me, my Grace needs a bath too :lolsmack:




You definitely need to order by the gallons with her. :lolsmack:


And to Dave, both the Audi and garage look great. :thumbsup:

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Dude, nice car! I had a buddy that had one a few years ago that I got to drive...Absolute blast. Your garage though...I'm jealous!! I would love to finally settle and be able to make my garage the way I really want it.

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looks awesome.. both car and garage.. I would love those for my laundry room/work area


Thanks Nick...yeah, so far they seem very solid and smooth. We'll see how they hold up to the test of time.

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I see that you have a Wagner power steam cleaner, how do you like it? is it powerful enough? does it really help with stains and stuff?


Gabriel. It works great for around the house. On the car's I usually use it for area's in the engine bay that are sensitive to water (I know it's steam, but it dries quickly with Air) like alternator, electrical, distributor, etc and the interior when I feel like it. I obviously don't soak those area's, just hit them real quick and follow up with a tooth brush. I've never used it on carpet though. It works great for what I use it for. If that helps.



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Swweeeet Dave! The garage looks fantastic, as does the RS4.:cheers:



What type of cabinets do you have?


Seville HD series, SAMs Club.


Sorry all, I'm sure made outside USA, :(

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