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Time I Admit It...


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I bought another Non Chevy car. :jester: Now I have the MOPAR and a Nissan to go with my Vette. We still have the Camaro, Tahoe and his Vette so I suppose the majority wins.


I know. I know. Eventually I will have to change my User ID :help::help:


My husband wasn't very happy with me when I come cruising into our driveway with a Nissan 350Z but after I took him for a ride he changed his mind. Sort of.




This car is a lil ripper. When I got it the RPMs were set at 4500 but I jacked it to 6500. :burnout:




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Well, you already know what I think of the color... LeMans Orange is about the coolest color ever. If you're ever looking for performance parts, check out Import Parts Pro in Texas, and talk to Kyle. Pleasure to deal with. Have you seen this?

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