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A coworker of mine is huge into fast boats and has one himself that is absolutely rediculous...

He came up to my office today to show me one that he knew I would enjoy since I am partial to black Chevrolet muscle cars :jester:


This thing takes the cake :bow:

























"This MTI was themed after a ZR1 Corvette with all the original GM parts used in the build purchased from GM dealers. The boat is constructed of carbon fiber. The black paint job is accented by carbon fiber airbrush work on the canopy and the entire hull of the boat. The exterior of the boat has ZR1 inspired hull sides, headlights, taillights, marker lights, custom ZR48 emblems and engine vents. The ****pit is truly one of a kind. The ****pit hatches are a custom gull wing type that have built-in escape hatches. The canopy also has an electric sliding rear window. The custom dash has fully function gauges, a custom ZR1 steering wheel and shifter. The custom shifter throttles both engines and controls drive trim. The interior is ultra leather and suede, with six air conditioned seats. The driver and throttle man’s seat are power sliding with footrests. The air conditioning is provided by a 24K BTU cruise air marine A/C system. The entire ****pit area is accented by custom Lumiflex and LED lighting.

A true state-of-the-art sound system was installed which includes a custom engine block bow speaker pod with LED accent lights. The pod lifts electronically from the deck. The pod has 8 Focal K2 coaxial speakers and 2 horns, 2 Kicker Solo Baric 10-inch subs in custom matched ported boxes firing into the ****pit, aft-mounted speaker pods, custom amp cooling system, Apple TV with Wi-Fi network, custom iPad dock integrated into the ZR1 glove box and a separate volume control for the subs, ****pit and exterior sound. The total sound system is 8000 watts RMS. The uniquely designed engine bays are loaded with carbon fiber trim, LED and Lumiflex lighting, custom ZR48 badging and bulkhead accent panels. The accessories are powered by a 4.2 kW Fischer Panda Diesel Genset. The power for this monster comes from two Mercury Racing 1350 HP twin-turbo engines with number 8 drives. The engines are accented with ZR1 type supercharger covers, giving the engines a proper Corvette themed appearance. This one-of-a-kind boat has won many awards and is truly every Corvette enthusiasts “Dream Boat”.



This rolling masterpiece is in a class all by itself. This boat trailer is equipped with a generator, water tank, power washer, engine flush system and five televisions. The trailer is designed to tilt to make an oversize boat legal to transport on its side, thus not requiring an over width permit to haul. This trailer was designed to be the ultimate display trailer. The large cargo box with raising lid houses five TVs and a DVD player. This trailer has a stainless steel floor, 900+ LED lights and blue-neon lights mounted to the frame above and below the frame rails. The air ride suspension allows the boat to ride on a cushion of air with the added capability to deflate or overinflate each of the four axles. This boat trailer is accessorized by billet aluminum steps, stainless steel fenders, chrome hand rails, hydraulic landing gear and custom paint

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Holy... jesus...How fast does it go?!


It tops out at about 180MPH on the water...so basically just as fast as the car it is modeled after.

Wonder if there is a video on it!


You can search MTI race boat on you tube and see videos of similar boats. Big toys for big wallets!!!

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