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My weekend project for Tanner

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For those that aren't on Facebook and saw my updates (or those who were wondering what the heck I was putting up pictures of) this weekend was "PROJECT PLAYHOUSE". Tanner's birthday is Nov. 7th and his mom and I decided it was time to upgrade his play area. We saved up cash and bought the set, and I've been working on that section of the yard solo every free weekend I had.


For some background -


I don't have any pictures showing the full state of the yard when we moved in here a little over a year ago now, but it was bad! The previous owners had broken the irrigation system and never fixed it, it was just a mass of dirt, weeds, dead plants, and not much else. Heres Tanner exploring the yard the day we got the keys, that shows just a little of what we were dealing with:





So the main reason for moving from our condo to this house was a yard for Tanner to play in. Priority one was fixing the sprinklers, laying grass in the main area, and giving him somewhere to run around so thats where efforts went first in the main part of the yard. The far side of the house had no pre-existing irrigation and money being tight it was cheapest to just lay a patio of pavers and fill in with gravel for the time being and we got the bulk of the yard done with grass. Heres a shot of his friend Chase and Tanner's play house:




Outgrowing that playhouse and needing more grass to play in I started a few months ago removing that gravel and the pavers. The old playhouse was sold to some friends grandparents for their little ones. Bucket by bucket I removed the gravel from all all 500sq ft @ 2" deep of that side by hand... took a few weekends (and a lot of pain killers)


Then I trenched about 50ft of new sprinkler line at 3ft deep over the next few weekends in preparation for new grass.


Grass was laid and allowed a few weeks to settle in.... then came the big day this weekend where construction on Tanner's playhouse could begin. I had come this far working alone so HECK... might as well finish it that way right?










14 hours over 2 days, every inch of my back aching, my hands blistered and Tanner has his playhouse. We played and went down the slide for hours yesterday evening. Seeing him climb up and shoot down that slide grinning from ear to ear melted my heart. Every minute of spare time and all the sweat of getting to this point was instantly worth it. Its moments like these that make all the hard work of being a parent worth it. :D


I also determined that I was not cut out for hard manual labor :jester:



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Awesome work Dylan! I've never messed with lawn irrigation, but 3ft sounds really deep. Is that code in CA? The grass looks sweet under the playset!


There really is no code for it as I'm aware, but in my experience thats the depth where you run the least risk of breakage IMO. I did my entire system this way: 3ft +/- for the pipe. High rise pop ups w/ 15ft heads, connected using a 'T' and a pair of threaded elbows to allow for flex without breaking.

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Nice job Dylan. I helped my brother build one of those for my nephew a couple of years ago. I had blisters all over my hands, but the look on his face after it was done was worth it.


I'm working on "a little" project myself right now. And so far I have been doing everything myself, so I know the feeling.

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Heck... hes got wood floors... my wifes been on my a$$ since day one of moving in here to put hardwood floors down, and Tanner gets them in his playhouse first. This kids ballin'! :jester:


Flatscreen with the Vol 7 DVD on the way too?!


Is that setup pretty close in proximity to his mammoth Sunflowers?

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Awesome setup!


I helped my buddy build something similar in his back yard. After that, I was happy that the park and school are 2 blocks away with three playgrounds between the two of them. I don't have the patience for that work. lol

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