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Detailed my bud's new to him 2006 Impulse blue GTO.


Foamed, washed, clayed, polished, waxed, wheels/tires, glass, interior, engine. The whole 9 yards got done!


The car has never been clayed from my observations...check out the clay after a small piece of a panel had been done:







One of my 'new' favorite products is the interior leather cleaner...it cleaned up the interior and it looks almost new! Leather conditioner was sucked up by the dry leather seats and made them look great!


Well, the car came out great! Then...







It rained!!! (That's why the lack of other pics) Man! We spent 6+ hours on this car with 2 PC's blazing away! Trashed the car on his way home...gotta wash it again when the rain stops so he can floss his new shine around town!













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Hey Scott, I was going to ask you the same thing! Yes, I'm helping out Saturday and maybe Sunday too.



Cool deal. Yeah, we will be there Fri/Sat. See you there bud!



Thanks for the comments all! When the rain stops and we do a little cruising, I will take some more pics...and so you can see the gorgeous blue leather factory interior as well! :thumbsup:

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