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What does your house look like?


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Heres the only pic I have of the outside right now.





Beautiful house you have there.


Wife and I currently live in a townhouse and they all look the same. Hoping to own a house within the year.



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I started out with this last year:



...and made it into this:



Added a master suite on the 2nd floor as well as a laundry room and 1/2 bath on the first floor. Now the only vehicle that will fit in the garage is a Mini...

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Only pic I can find in my pb account at the moment.


So you do have pictures of more than the inside of the garage and driveway! WOW! :lol::lol::lol:



Heres my new (last summer) Doors! & Security System 2011-06-25_12-03-27_131.jpg


Heres a shot of the units.. and my condo! :willy:

0810002030.jpg Notice the really dark windows second set from left? Yea I tinted mine! Even the Condo is Kustomized!

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Not very good pics but this is my home. We bought it last year and have done alot of improvements since then.


Front View:




Off the back deck view of my backyard:



View towards the back of our house:




Right now my backyard has MANY shrew and gopher holes that the dogs have helped make much bigger. It looks like a bunch of land mines have exploded!



We are putting in a big pond sometime this year. :2thumbs:

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We bought this place (it was a foreclosure) just about 2 years ago now for around $360k... market is up luckily and last I could figure, with the current prices and the fixes improvements my wife and I have done since moving in we're probably sitting just under $400k. Good for us, but utterly insane if you ask me... the cost of living here is just nuts. :help:


At the peak of the market, before everything went south, the loan value on this place was at $675k.... would explain why it was foreclosed on LOL. From what we gathered (based on transaction history and talking with neighbors who were here before we moved in) the guy bought the place new in 2001/2002 for around $420,000 on one of the funky interest only apr loans, then took out loans against the house, bought a huge ski boat, bought a huge toy hauler, some cars, etc. Then as it does the market reset and he lost everything. His loss = my gain :D


Lets hope the market here in Cali stays stable for a little bit... we took a bath on our last place when the market went to crap. Didn't lose money, but certainly didn't get much out after spending 7 years there.

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