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New Towel Reviews?

Team Adam's


So now that some of the Borderless Blue and Silver Supreme are making their way into your hands we want your feedback! Post your reviews to the online store as well as share your thoughts here.


Ultimately the fate, and return, of these towels is in your hands! Do you love them? Do you hate them? Let us know. They were brought in as a short test to see if they were liked. If you like them we'll bring them back and make them a permanent addition to the line:





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Recieved my blue towels last Saturday. LOVE the color and the fact that it is borderless is even better. If you rub the edges to compare the two, you can feel the border on the white towel and the border on the blue towel is non existant. As for the feel of the microfiber between the two, the same. How they survive the long haul as compared to the white, we will have to see. Maybe Dylan can tell us about the longevity from the manufacturer stand point between the two, but not using them for months like the other 7 whites I use,?? If you look  the attached pic, they are a tad larger in size because they are squared off, other than that we will have to see. So far, so good.post-10998-0-81095400-1386762834_thumb.jpgpost-10998-0-53964600-1386762563_thumb.jpg

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Here's my feedback.....

I have NO DOUBT that whatever you guys do, the quality will be STELLAR.  For lack of a better way to put it, I know Adam's doesn't "half-***" anything.  So the thickness, the GSM measurement, and overall quality of the towel is KILLER.  So that's a non-issue.  I've always LOOOVED Adam's towels!! :)


Here's the annoying part.....

Currently, the Single Soft is "out of stock" waaaay more than it's "IN STOCK!?"  So I frequently have issues when wanting to order more.  Not to mention, as a representative for y'all, when I HIGHLY recommend towels to maintain a paint finish for a client we just did a BIG detail for, but they cannot order because they're out of stock for WEEKS at time.  Incredibly disappointing, as those people usually buy a competitor's towel, because they need new fresh towels NOW....not 2 weeks from now. :(


So my conclusion is that if the new towels can KEPT IN STOCK on a regular basis, and the supplier can actually keep the shelves full.....then I don't need any more convincing to KEEP them as part of the regular lineup!! :)

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