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Hey Everyone,


I have started an Adam's Polishes account on SnapChat.  It is a cool way to have an inside look at what happens day to day here at the headquarters.  I'll be posting to it consistently including, day to day, video shoots, photo shoots, new products and general happenings with the company.  I'll post to the "story" part of SnapChat so all of the things I take photos or videos of will be accessible for 24 hours on the app.


Check it out and let me know what you guys think.  username is AdamsPolishes.  Should be cool for everyone to see what's happening on a day to day here at the company.


Sneak Peak to a series of photos and video I did today:



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No SnapChat for me. I still use a flip phone!


not that I use a flip phone but I am not all that big on social media stuffs, usually my free time is spent cleaning the truck lol. 


On that whole cap thing, good eyes! but im more surprised with as many of the bottles are all facing the same way, there is that bath at the right of the image almost out of frame that are all messed up. Sorry, OCD kicking in. 

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I will be waiting for Fed Ex with open arms.


One box of 100 Disposable Detailing Gloves Size Large will be on its way out to you either today or tomorrow!


oldfordisbetter chose these as his free prize. He is officially the first winner in some new contests I will be doing exclusively for our forum members :)

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