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This Adam's employee deserves KUDOS (Dan Tyger)


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I'm Rich's wife, so please forgive me for stealing his thunder for a minute, but I had to share with you something that happened last night to one of your own, Dan Tyger.  I have to tell you how much I admire what he and his friend did and that it takes a special kind of person to do this.  If Dan is an example of all of Adam's employees, then for sure we'll never switch loyalty.  It takes a high moral character and a sense of decency to do what he did, and it deserves to be recognized.  I hope you'll forgive me for doing this Dan, but you deserve a big pat on the back and be prepared for hug when I see you again.  


This was on Facebook last night


"Riding back home on 43 tonight, the last thing we expected to find standing in the middle of the right lane was a stray dog - cold, wet, scared, and possibly injured. We stopped the truck and she slowly walked right over to the driver side doors whimpering. Without hesitation Guzzo says "ok come on around to the back, we're getting you out of here so no one hits you." She was scared and hesitant for 10 seconds or so, and then he says "well do you want to stay here or get out of here?" and she slowly hopped into the back cargo area of the suv.

We pull a u-turn and head to cheat lake animal shelter, calling them that we're on the way. I was petting her head to try to calm her down and then she finally sat down, hiding her head in a hoodie in the back. That section of 43 is a little bumpy, so I'm not sure if she got car sick or more scared, but she took a huge poo right on the carpet one minute before we got there, which brought a few laughs to a scary situation.

She's not chipped, no collar, and seems like a loving but scared puppy. Once she calmed down a little at Cheat Lake, she was very well behaved and almost instantly responded to "sit" and "give me paw" requests. It saddens me if someone dropped her off on an empty stretch of highway before the tollbooth, so deep down I'm hoping someone is at home worrying about their missing dog right now. Sorry for the poo in the one picture, sure made for a night we won't forget...wow that was some radioactive smelling poo...thank goodness for Adam's Odor Neutralizer in the glove box. Time for sleep, long day tomorrow, please say some prayers that this doggie finds her owner!"




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Thank you everyone for the kind words, just doing our part. My friend Santino and I picked up the puppy at the animal hospital last night and delivered her to her new owners. She's a great dog, super friendly but quiet and alert. She rode on my lap the whole way to the new owner's house while Santino was driving. It was difficult not to keep her for myself!

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I read through all the new posts every night, and there is always something from Dan and the team at Adam's that goes above and beyond what the norm!! Im willing to bet if I posted a new thread about my kids going skiing and how I watched them from the bottom of the hill in an old worn out sweatshirt, I'd have an Adam's hoodie on the way to my house! The Adam's team is more then just a detail shop, I can't explain it, but I'm sure everyone here feels some greater connection!

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