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Bought The Wife A Brand New New VeeDub


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On 9/28/2019 at 7:26 PM, FrontRanger said:

Nice work! Digging that color.


What year/color is the Beetle in the background?


Old and dark blue?  Sorry, it's my mother in law's and it's like a $1,500 POS   :lolsmack:

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I remember when Beetles used to cost $1800 for a brand new one!!  :lolsmack:


Marty, your detail really brought out the color. Car looks great. And we all know........happy wife, happy life.  Good job!

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On 9/28/2019 at 7:28 PM, RayS said:

I still think it is closer to Red than Orange, but the important thing is that it looks great.

Image result for red appleimage.jpeg.8014cbe5cca1ef4cb3d45f1d190e7598.jpeg


Well, when you take the first part of the color name into account, it is pretty accurate.  While I don't like the peppers (too hot), I do like the color.

Habanero closeup edit2.jpg

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@tmccoy2236 While I like my apples, enjoy oranges and will say that I do eat habaneros in small amounts when cooked in something.  There is also a particular cheese that comes from Vern's Cheese in Chilton, WI, called Habanero Jack that I get along with their Pepper Jack and Colby Jack.  If you like Super Sharp Cheddar, they have some of the best in the world.   Now, we started talking about food and I'm hungry.  Maybe we'll go out for Mexican or Tex-Mex tonight.

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1 hour ago, Rich said:

Can't believe you guys are arguing about colors!  :lolsmack::lolsmack:

Arguing?  No, we're building a grocery basket.  We've had a discussion about healthy foods, hot foods and cheese. We haven't even started discussing the Syracuse Orange yet.  Granted based on this year, we can' t really talk about their football team and hopefully they'll have a basketball team this year. 


The fact remains that the car looks great and that is the most important thing. Part of this forum that keeps me on here is that we can chat, have fun and nobody is cursing, yelling or mistreating others.  I'm very thankful those attitudes are not part of this site.  The end of the day, it is all about having good people to communicate with and showing respect and appreciation of what they have and what they are doing.

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