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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the forums, what are you shining up with these great products?
  2. Checking in

    Welcome to the forums, feel free to post up some photos of what you shine
  3. Hello from England :D

    Welcome to the forums, quite the shiny ride you have there. That color really pops in the sun.
  4. I have washed mine before and then just 2 stepped it with the metal polish. The ones on my F250 come out looking awesome that way, and I have always done them by hand.
  5. Clinic in Connecticut - April 28 - official thread

    Shane, this would be date dependent but I would be happy to offer up my 2016 Torred Challenger Scat Pack for you to work on.
  6. Different racks

    Nope, thou the Detail Spray sure does smell like a great thing to mix with.
  7. Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Welcome to the forums, some nice work you have done there. Feel free to ask all the questions you like.
  8. Different racks

    Hmmm, I see Adams storage on one wall, Wine on another, Beer on a third, and some good whiskey and Bourbon in the center. Variety is the spice of life after all!
  9. Dan, or anyone who has one already, are these coming with the multiple tips or just the one? Also as Adams going to cary the larger one? the iK9?
  10. Winter 4 Bucket Wash

    Nice work, and I like the concept of the tool, I would bet if you had more of their tools it would make it more efficient to use as you would probably have had more of the batteries.
  11. Noob from VA

    Welcome! That vehicle will look amazing when you get the Adams shine on her. Be patient the first detail always takes a lot longer due to bringing it up to a shine level you want.
  12. Hello everyone

    Welcome! No need to lurk, ask questions we are happy to help you out.
  13. New Member check in!! :)

    Welcome to the forums, some of the best products to use.
  14. I have most of mine on a shelf, but with a new garage coming who knows what might happen..... If you want to display them I would think that you could use the closet maid shelf and then on the lower bar hang the bottles with the labels facing out.
  15. Weekend Warrior from PA

    Welcome to the forums