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  1. website and blog feedback?

    Great writeups on your services, should help people make some decisions on what they want you to do for them. It could just be me but the "What our customers say about us" section has a weird grey block behind it. I am sure it was meant to be a backdrop to read against but it doesnt cover the entire text area and it makes iut slightly harder to read. At least for me. Maybe others are not having that issues. Also maybe its just my OCD but it seems odd that if you only use the links at the top of the page it navigates you up and down the page as you follow the links. The three in question would be FAQ, About us, and Contact in top of page order but on your website they are in the order of About us, FAQ, What people say, and then Contact. Side thought also just occourd to me, you could make each of your headings under FAQ and Services to be expanding if you wanted to shrink your homepage a little bit. IE click on the question or detail option and have it open up the space below it with the info in it.
  2. Adam's clothing

    Actually in several of the vids from the spring you can see him in a flat brimmed hat, honestly I chuckled when I saw it because it just didnt look like the Adam we all know and love lol. For those that might be interested, here is one.
  3. What do I need?

    I would start with some Kits for sure, best bang for your buck. Without knowing exactly what you want to accomplish its hard to say what you really need. There is the essentials kit, which is a great starter kit esspecially if you want to try out hand polishing and not put the money into a polisher right away http://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-essentials-detail-kit.html This Winter washing kit is also a great little starter kit that can get you going. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/washing-cleaning/adam-s-winter-washing-detail-kit.html If you want to keep up on your washing without the hose, look no further than Rinseless wash. It is a very versatile product, from clay lube, to waterless wash, to a rinseless solution it can really handle more than you think. If you want to get a good deal and bet easily set up there is a nice rinseless kit for $80 that includes the bucket, 5 double softs and the rinseless solution with a large top quality spray bottle to make it down into waterless for your later use. http://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-rinseless-wash-starter-kit.html I also think that the 8 bottle bag kit is another good option if you want a way to cary everything around even in the car easily. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/washing-cleaning/adam-s-8-bottle-bag-kit.html You can always just go whole hog on it and get the ultimate kit and not have to wonder what you need. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/washing-cleaning/adam-s-ultimate-kit.html
  4. website and blog feedback?

    The site loaded quick for me, I know this is a new common layout style and works for a lot of people, not my personal favorite. I would def agree that your services offered is lacking, honestly, I would breeze by this page as you are not at all descriptive of what you do, why you do it, and what it does for someone. I realize that each and every customer will have a different needs or desires but you could cover some basics. Make those clickable so that for example cleaning can open into a new tab or new window that describes why you clean a car and different methods you use and some of their reasons. Help educate while you offer your service, for those that do not know what things are or do this would help them understand what you are doing and why you need to do it. When I was viewing your gallery, the images were slow to load once clicked on, or if I use the left and right arrows. Personally I dont think this should be a focal point of your main page, just a couple nice images that when clicked on can open up a larger gallery that offers many photos categorized into what services were offered. IE Freshly washed, Freshly Waxed, New Coatings, Whatever else you want. This way you can get to easily show off what you do and what it can look like when done. I would also think of some before and after photos to show how your services can make a vehicle look better than new. Your thought on Monthly Washes is a great one, I would def talk to them and at least bring it up on the site, never know what some people might want. As trivial as this can sound considering the area and the water shortages and such, you might want to bring up some water conscious options for folks that have concerns. Or at least a statement to the effect of how you conserve water. Car washing can get a bad name for using a ton of water for no real gain to a lot of folks and the last thing you want are some ticked off folks just out to make your day bad.
  5. Man this list just keeps growing!!! That blanket looks like something I could get the Wife for Christmas....
  6. Holiday Detail Spray!

    sweeet! did they hint at any scents for either this or the DS yet?
  7. Brushes

    The blue brush has been tires, the red brush was redone to a red/black bristled brush for the wheels. Love them both, I think the wheel woolie is the only thing I like more for the rims.
  8. Looking for CUC

    PM Also sent.
  9. Honestly, these particular ones dont intrigue me at all. Hoping for some new scents of detail spray or interior detailer for the holidays thou. Always up for some new product but just not these.
  10. New Hobby

    Welcome to the addiction and to the addiction support group. We are here to help support your habits!
  11. For baked on tough bug guts I still subscribe to the method of just laying towels soaked in waterless, rinseless, or just car wash water on them to soak. Its just easier to get them off afterwards rather than try to scrub or clay them off.
  12. Liquid Paint sealent

    Should have beaded nicely. You say you applied the LPS, did you remove it?
  13. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    Ill join in the fun, 1. Really would love if santa put a Master Blaster in my garage, might have to order one when the building is done this coming year. 2. Adams Original Black A Sticker. 3. Adams Light up Sign (if not might have to do my own variety with what I already have)
  14. Really cool vid, its always great to hear the back story and memories.
  15. New product spied

    Not a fan of pepermint myself, but that Christmas Scent last year for the detail spray was awesome. Would love that as the interior scent this year.