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  1. YouTube Interest

    In the words of the great Quagmire....Gigity
  2. Chemical Guys or Adam’s

    Hoenstly I find this debate to be the Chevy Dodge Ford debate just with diff products. I will agree that I personally find them confusing to search thru but like any company they have their faithful as does Adams. Im here for the shine, still waiting on the Coffee scented detail spray.
  3. 2 Things

    Quite often products are fine and it is just a color thing test a small inconspicuous area and see how it performs. I have a bottle of APC that did that and it was perfectly fine (Granted it didnt freeze was just in the sun).
  4. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Love me the BG for that, thou some detail spray and #0000 steel wool can help if its really caked on baked on.
  5. Newbie starting...

    Welcome to the online side of the group, good luck on the paint work!
  6. Hi

    Welcome to the forums, youll learn plenty hanging out here and asking questions.
  7. New from NJ

    Welcome to the forums, nice looking Caddy, def a great start is keeping that interior looking and smelling great.
  8. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Awesome, Im betting dad was blown away by it. Personally I really like the black spots, they are what really make it personal, and something that he will never forget, nor will you.
  9. Welcome to the forums, great start to keeping that car shining better than new. Chris has the same order I tend to use, thou on occasion I will put a quick coat of BG on top when I want that pop.
  10. PJs Auto Spa saying Hello!

    Great cars all around, def partial to that chally but that could be cause I own one lol. Welcome to the forums.
  11. Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the forums, great story and history of a fun car.
  12. Detailing bags for trade

    If you want a BIG bag these cant be beat! They are big and hold a TON, I love mine (and am debating a second.....)
  13. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Not I but have spent a few years down there, Lived in Lexington and then Richmond.
  14. Where do I begin?

    I love the buttery wax, granted it doesnt last as long as some of the others but goes on easy and comes off just as easy.
  15. New member from Holland

    Welcome to the forums! I highly recomend all the products, you are right the detail spray is something awesome (Just dont drink it no matter how much you want to). Another great product is rinseless wash.