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  1. It sounds to me like you mared the surface of the poly, why not try a light sanding and applying a new coat and see if that helps, the sanding should give you a great bonding surface and then the poly can be applied and should bring it back to its brilliance. The reason you see if work with the mineral spirits is the points of refraction from the minute scratches in the surface, the oil fills in the voids and stops the light refraction/reflection from giving it the appearance of a frosted finish. Wow....the things you learn from McGyver (Episode 71 fyi)
  2. pirahnah3

    Heavy Correcting / Microfiber Pads

    Sometimes it does take multiple passes to get things the way you want. @shane@detailedreflections makes a great point about burning thru clear coat, and be really careful of this. In the end perfection is nearly impossible and honestly get it to where you are ok with it then spend the rest of the time enjoying it.
  3. pirahnah3

    Good Evening from Scotland

    Welcome Ross, nice set of cars you have there.
  4. pirahnah3

    Ceramic Coating over a sealant

    Yes @shane@detailedreflections has it spot on, per step 4 of the instructions 4. After all paint surfaces have been clayed and polished, continue the cleaning process by using Adam’s Coating Prep to leave the paint bare and free of any residue. https://adamspolishes.com/paintcoating
  5. pirahnah3

    All of our latest work

    @shane@detailedreflections Came out great! def some awesome shine on that one.
  6. Well written Shane def a great long look at it. So semi loaded question with pricing. So you explained how you set your pricing and how you calculate it, but one thing I dont see is how do you know if your pricing is accurate for the area? I dont mean those $99 "Full Detail" places I mean the real places. Obviously its not as simple due to regional pricing and such meaning cost of living say up here in the Boston area is MUCH different than say Farm country mid west, or LA. Did you check around locally to what was advertised and fall into that bracket at first or did you just say to heck with them here is my pricing? Great comments on Customer VS Client. For those thinking of hiring help, there are multiple ways to do it, and you should take a look at local laws and regs before hiring anyone. Now hiring folks as contractors is a completely different story with its own mess around it. In other words, be careful, check rules and understand them before you bring in staff. Also I think you could have an entire book if you put this together......
  7. Based on Customers car, Id start with discussing some pricing differential, and if they are not coming back all the time for maint cleaning then I would offer 2 options, one being the Americana great coating longevity and all that. You can always step that up to the Ceramic wax and talk about its potential longer life and SIO2 content.
  8. pirahnah3

    Cars & Coffee DS!!!

    Might be true but the pumpkin beers started coming out in August.... The weather is getting to the time thou that the scent will be great when you get it and be right on time to use.
  9. pirahnah3

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    Got mine on the way! Hopefully I dont mix up the Detail spray with Ceramic boost lol.
  10. Honestly, to me it depends on when you are waxing and what the show prep might be. If your looking to spend the time and keep the car looking good going over it all the time, honestly Buttery is a good option (As Adam said in WC#3). I can certainly see Americana being a great option for it for its durability if you dont want to be out there all the time. Ceramic will be great but harder to remove and not quite sure what your prep would turn into based on its SIO2 content. Questions on prep for the car, Are you going to do show wipe downs? If so with what product? Do you drive the car alot? Does it live inside or ourside?
  11. pirahnah3


    Welcome to the forums, nice collection you have going.
  12. pirahnah3

    Hello from Alberta!

    Welcome to the forums, thats a fair bit of sheetmetal to keep clean and shiny!
  13. pirahnah3

    New From ND

    Still a member well a listed one on the sphere'! Actually some good friends and I used to run CC.O before the whole grouping started to fall apart. Man I remember the days of the "alleged" turbo 1G sedan lol. Man that just brought back memories, SB4, Tippster, Stratusfaction, LB3711, blurr3dvission, and MANY others, Oh and one can never forget Caster, met him at carlisle a few times awesome guy.
  14. pirahnah3

    Greetings from Vail, Colorado

    Welcome to the forums! lets see some shiny vehicle pics!