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  1. joelilton23

    Adam Pitale Podcast

    Just gave this a listen - pretty cool to hear a few words of wisdom from the man himself. I'm guessing this is a few years old, considering he mentioned Series 9 of videos and that they were working on a ceramic coating?
  2. Looks great! P.S More photos of the GT-R please!
  3. joelilton23

    Faded Paint

    Do you know if your car is single stage or clear over base? If its single stage, you may be able to polish it back up before throwing some protection over it. Seeing pictures will help direct which course to take.
  4. Make sure to use a bit more product than you usually would too, to help lubricate the oxidized paint away. Good luck! Single stage before and afters are always amazing, so be sure to post pictures!
  5. joelilton23

    Gear Shifter Protection

    They are due to arrive today, so I might give them a quick hit of h2o G&G - from the questions I asked, they have said it is powder coated. Can you polish powder coat the same as normal paint?
  6. joelilton23

    Gear Shifter Protection

    Hey all, I know this is a bit of a random question, but I was wondering if anyone has used paint/trim coating on a gear shift selector? I have just ordered a chrome ball knob and an extender that are covered in a chrome plating of some sort, and would like to keep them protected against tarnishing/weathering from being used all the time. The products have been discontinued, so it will be impossible for me to simply purchase again if it does wear out. I have attached pictures from the manufacturers website to show what I am talking about, and am open to ideas if coating is not the best way to go about looking after them. Thanks!
  7. joelilton23

    Engine detailing

    I use a 50/50 mix of VRT and distilled water - mist it on the engine plastics and close the hood, no wiping or anything required, and it leaves a flat finish that's not greasy and looks great.
  8. Joseph and the team really make all the difference for us Aussies!
  9. joelilton23

    How to fix scratched instrument panel plastci

    Will give that a go - thanks, Dan!
  10. Hey guys and gals, As per the title, the instrument clusters in both of my vehicles are scratched pretty badly from previous owners 'detailing' the interior, and I was wondering what to use to remove or minimize them. I was thinking of trying revive by hand on a microfiber cloth, as I don't have a machine that would be small enough to fit into the corners. Does this sound like a logical step, or should I be using something that's made for plastic and a machine to get the desired correction? Also, call me crazy, but would using a trim coating prevent more damage from occurring later down the track? Any downsides to using a coating? You can see the damage under the gauges in the photo, for reference. Thanks!
  11. Could you line the side of the PPF with polishing tape, so if you do go over, it doesn't build up on the edge? I don't have anything with PPF, but figured that would be the easiest way to stop it going under the edges if you're not super careful
  12. joelilton23

    Am I losing my mind?

    I got a bottle in a mystery box, which I have since passed on to another forum member - it does smell amazing, its almost a cherry scent, it smells very sweet!
  13. joelilton23

    Super Bowl (Food)

    I'm at work (it's Monday noon here) watching the live-score online and eating jalapeno poppers and mac and cheese I ordered from the American Takeaway shop down the road from my work - Predicting a Patriots comeback!
  14. joelilton23

    Finishing Polish technique

    Thanks, Shane! I'll be giving this a go on my partners Mazda this weekend. The paint is in really good condition - I removed most of the small water marks and light scratching last weekend, and now I really want to make the metallic pop! Thanks for the helpful hints
  15. Hey all! Got a couple of questions on finishing polish: Is a slow or faster arm speed recommended? What speed should I have my polisher set on? (SK 12MM) Do I still do the same amount of passes as I would when correcting? I tried looking for a video, but i couldn't find anything that goes into depth about it - I'm only a weekend warrior, but I am looking at stepping my technique and results up to the next level. If there's an Adam's video that goes into it that I couldn't find, can someone post it here please? Thanks!