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  1. joelilton23

    Help me save my leather!

    They definitely need some love, two kids and no care have wrecked havoc on the interior - there were car stickers all over the back window Thanks for the advice, will give that a try Will do, tell Marquis I owe him a beer or two! I'll post some photos up after I give it a go, I'm hoping the hard leather on the front seat comes good with some cleaning and a lot of conditioner
  2. joelilton23

    Help me save my leather!

    Hey all, just picked up a new to me Volkswagen Passat CC with dark brown leather. Problem is, the previous owners child has spilled silver glitter nail polish on the rear seat - is there any way of Saving the leather without causing more damage? the second problem is the drivers seat leather has some hard spots and the texture has changed. I’m thinking that I may just have to put up with this, but would love any ideas on if it could possibly be fixed. I’ve attached photos of the damage. Thanks!
  3. joelilton23

    Doubting Eco Wheel Cleaner

    I use it on delicate wheels that I don't want to use harsh chemicals on. They aren't ever very dirty and the Eco WC is great for removing and lubricating when running a wash mitt over them. I agree that it's not great on filthy wheels, but I don't think that's what it's designed for.
  4. joelilton23

    Matte paint cleaning

    Carried out the detail today, thanks for all the advice! ended up using glass cleaner on the matte paint, and it worked a treat! Eco APC and Eco wheel cleaner were used on the engine, frame and wheels, and waterless wash and detail spray used on the painted surfaces. The seat was cleaned and conditioned, unfortunately someone had written on it with a ballpoint pen, which didn’t want to budge. The customer has ordered a specific matte coating kit so protection will be carried out once that arrives. Here’s a couple of quick photos
  5. Hi all, I've done a bit of searching of old topics, but this has made me a bit more confused, so I thought I would ask the question here: I have an Indian Scout that a friend of mine has just purchased new, and he would like me to detail and protect it - the trouble is, it has matte black paint from factory, and I'm worried about cleaning this with waterless/rinseless wash. From what I have read, rinseless used as directed or diluted to WW strength won't be suitable for this paint, as it may cause streaking on the finish due to the wax element included. I know there was a matte detailer and matte protectant (which are both still available in Aus) but I believe there were issues with it in the US and it was removed from the store? Can anyone shed some light on this, as it sounds like the perfect product for what I want to do with both cleaning and protecting. Also, I believe it is advisable not to treat the tyres with any 'shine' products, but what about rubber and tyre cleaner? Can anyone give me some recommendations on cleaning and protecting? Any help would be appreciated! I have added a photo of the bike for reference.
  6. joelilton23

    H2o guard and gloss ?????

    I use the microfiber blocks too, using the dry application method, so much easier!
  7. joelilton23

    Nav Screen Scratch Removal

    It looks as though the anti-glare coating is failing on the screen, which is common on older Macbook laptops etc. I don't believe there is a way of fixing it unfortunately
  8. joelilton23

    Issues with rags/detail spray

    Could the problem be using the lint sheet? I was under the impression they are to be dried on low heat with no drying/lint sheets
  9. joelilton23

    Adam Pitale Podcast

    Just gave this a listen - pretty cool to hear a few words of wisdom from the man himself. I'm guessing this is a few years old, considering he mentioned Series 9 of videos and that they were working on a ceramic coating?
  10. Looks great! P.S More photos of the GT-R please!
  11. joelilton23

    Faded Paint

    Do you know if your car is single stage or clear over base? If its single stage, you may be able to polish it back up before throwing some protection over it. Seeing pictures will help direct which course to take.
  12. Make sure to use a bit more product than you usually would too, to help lubricate the oxidized paint away. Good luck! Single stage before and afters are always amazing, so be sure to post pictures!
  13. joelilton23

    Gear Shifter Protection

    They are due to arrive today, so I might give them a quick hit of h2o G&G - from the questions I asked, they have said it is powder coated. Can you polish powder coat the same as normal paint?
  14. joelilton23

    Gear Shifter Protection

    Hey all, I know this is a bit of a random question, but I was wondering if anyone has used paint/trim coating on a gear shift selector? I have just ordered a chrome ball knob and an extender that are covered in a chrome plating of some sort, and would like to keep them protected against tarnishing/weathering from being used all the time. The products have been discontinued, so it will be impossible for me to simply purchase again if it does wear out. I have attached pictures from the manufacturers website to show what I am talking about, and am open to ideas if coating is not the best way to go about looking after them. Thanks!
  15. joelilton23

    Engine detailing

    I use a 50/50 mix of VRT and distilled water - mist it on the engine plastics and close the hood, no wiping or anything required, and it leaves a flat finish that's not greasy and looks great.