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Can't Believe My Little Guy is 4 Yrs Old!!

Team Adam's

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wow who is that hottie behind your cool son?:eek::lol:




before you know it you will be sitting back with a beer watching him detail his car. my parents always told me they couldnt get me to grow up fast enough so they could get rid of me haha.


nice pics as always:thumbsup:

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If theres one thing that kid loves its cake! On Friday my wife and mother in law took cupcakes to his preschool to celebrate... I wasn't home, but I saw the aftermath, which was a shirt completely saturated with white frosting sitting on the washer LOL.


Awesome! Looks like he's having a BLAST!


I saw Tanners shirt and instantly thought of this scene from Chicago. Yeah... I'm weird... :o


I've found that with a young one, a spray bottle of APC on the washer comes in VERY handy... ;) Mine's not even eating solids yet. lol



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Congrats to the little man!!! Dylan, dont blink because the next thing you know he will be a teenager and surrounded by girls. :)


My wife and I are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary today too. So Tanner and I both have something to celebrate today :)

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