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What did you get for Christmas???


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Nothing under the tree but a lot in my heart. Happy, healthy, and loving family, what else do I really need.


But my daughter racked up (as have I throughout the year). I can wait to try out our....I mean her new electric scooter. Santa was great in being sure to bring one that was rated for my weight too!! ;-)

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I got one of these


All-in-One Zoom



<!-- Product Specs -->AF18-270MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD


Unparalleled compositional freedom and uncommon imaging performance designed for everyday convenience and agility. Your lens changing days may be over.



  • B008
  • 3.8 in.
  • 15.9 oz
  • ø62 filter
  • Canon, Nikon & Sony
  • $100 Rebate thru 12/31/11

<!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->

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I finally got a porter cable polisher. I've been ready for one for months, started with the hand stuff and ready to move on. My wife made me wait and not buy it for myself so I could get it for a gift. The wait was torture! But in the end I quess was worth it, hate when she is right. I plan on doing my moms car first. She has a nice black Benz, that really needs help. I would like to post pics of before and after when I do it. However I am by no means a computer guy, think cave man using a computer with a rock. Is there anyone willing to give me step by step instructions that a guy like me can understand?

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Time with my wife's family (and time with my family tomorrow!). Got to check out my niece's new Bruan Ability van. One of the best graphic artists in the state (Chris Cruz Artistry) has done work on her van, and I'll be detailing it (with lots of pics) in February when the paint has fully cured.

Oh, and my sister-in-law made me this:






Thanks to Dylan and Ashley for assistance on the logo.

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We don't go big on gifts at Christmas except for the grandkids. But I got a Craftsman Lithium drill and slippers from the wife, my Carlisle registration from my son, a black Corvette Z06 ornament and a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant from my daughter.

Tomorrow they're all coming here for their gifts and food. Instead of 12 days of Christmas, we have 2. :D

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Well, we bought ourselves a sectional for the living room.. we got it about two weeks ago.. so we didn't go crazy on each other..


the Wife got me a High Speed Drive in either a Lambo Gallardo or Ferrari F430, with Gotham Dream Cars on their Autocross Track.. not sure which I will pick..




Also got a pair of lounge pants from the Wife along with a nice pic and frame for my desk at work..


Sony Smart Bluray w/ Google TV (may return)

Boston Red Sox stuff (slippers, stop light, Wally pillow, soft throw, clock, gnome, etc)

GC for haircut

My Fire Co. Hockey Style Hoodie

Backdraft on Bluray

LMFAO cd (lol or should I say lmfao?)

thats all I can think of off the top of my head.. just about to finish packing so we can wake up early and go to RI with Smokey and the Bandit for our Christmas up there..

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