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Today we Detailed and Drove Some Incredible Cars!


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In the nearly 14 years since this small business was started, some cool things have happened.  I crossed the block with an Oldsmobile at Barrett-Jackson back in 2005, which sold for $4M.....accidentally! 


After becoming the official car care products of Corvette and Camaro, I was able to meet the Kirk Bennion, the designer, Dave Tatman , the plant manager, and Tom Hill, the quality engineering manager.  Had lunch and spent time with each of them!  There are other great people at the Corvette plant as well, but heck, how coll is that!?


Tom Hill recently, as in VERY recently retired from GM.   He only put in 35 years, but apparently, that was a good number for him.   He was hired by an incredibly well-heeled businessman, who has one of the most remarkable car collections I've ever seen.  Tom is now in charge of managing and overseeing the maintenance of the cars, most of which are Ferrari's.


Tom asked me to come out and help explain how working with old original paint goes, which products, processes, etc.   Certainly, it was an honor, and I had Chris Toth, one of our fine Moderators and friends, come on down to lend a hand.


We helped detail a 1939 Mercedes Benz 540K, and a 1959 Mercedes 300 S, both amazing cars.  The 540K was purchased for just under $7M in Monterey..wow!


While we had flights out this morning early, last night, Tom found himself in a pickle.  The new car garage, maybe a 12,000 square foot Garage Mahal, (it really is....google it) was about to be completed, and the cars needed to be moved back in, from a storage building that housed a collection of another well-to-to collector.


Tom asked if we could possibly stay an extra day to help drive cars.....and we said, "Heck Yes!"


It was a 5-mile drive through beautiful Windermere, Florida, and what a drive it was.

Well, here are a few photos, and I'll add more... 


It suffices to say, this NEVER happens to me, and today, I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn't dreaming.....not once.....not twice, but three times!


Thank you Tom, and thank you Chris, for making Orlando Car Dream come true!


Vehicle list that I drove....we'll wait and let Chris talk about his list!


Bugatti Veyron "Pebble Beach Centenaire" Edition

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari 288 GTO








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wow, this is something else! some impressive and extremely rare cars there!


Needless to say i am extremely jealous, up in Canada we are lucky to see an old Ferrari 355, or a kit car lambo.  The real things are just so rare.  I've seen one bugatti veyron in my lifetime, parked outside a dealership in Berlin.

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Adam you live a charmed life buddy. I thought it was amazing at Lingenfelter last year just seeing a Veyron up close and personal. To get to drive one.....I would have needed a change of pants! All of us car nuts are jealous as hell for your and Chris's experience.

That must have been a tough decision to stay the extra day to DRIVE those cars. It is one thing to buff one but to get to drive them, priceless.

Looking forward to more pics!

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