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Brand new car & white polish


Hey guys,


I have a brand new (355km) mustang in shadow black that’s been washed twice, and now sits under its cover with a healthy coat of detail spray on her. 

I habe the Graphene Ceramic Coating kit, and plan to install this spring when the weather is warmer. 

I have the least aggressive clay bar Adam’s makes, and plan to do a full clay of the car, once complete I will give the car a polish.  

Even as a new vehicle, being black I do see a few marks here and there, and would like to have a perfect surface to apply the Graphene to. 

Side note, before I became an Adam’s fanboy (I truly am now) I bought a chemical guys da polisher, and Griot Garage black pads. I have a small and large backing plates and the correct size pads to work with each.  I’ll be use the Adam’s white polish, as recommended by a team member here.  I have a large space heater and will warm the garage up to room temp or more when polishing.  

ive never polished a car before. You read about a lot of horror stores.  I was wondering if there is one particular YouTube video, or a set of instructions you guys consider gospel when it comes to MILD correction?  My cars paint is 97% perfect. I’m attempting to do a very very light polish. 




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Just now, Quikcolin said:

Thanks Chris. I was wondering if there was a particular technique that should be used for paint that’s almost perfect?  Lighter pressure?  Quicker?  Again I am new to this 

You would use our Polish & White foam pad & maybe  speed 3 or 4 to achieve perfect results like you are looking for.

Do a 2 x 2 test spot on a flat panel like your hood so you will know what it's going to take to get back to perfect.

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If it makes you feel any better, I'm 74 :oldman:  and didn't start using a polisher until around 10 years ago.  Started with a Porter Cable which killed my shoulder, and then switched to the Swirl Killer polishers and that's all I use now.  I do very little hand polishing now...........one black car, one white car, and both get the full treatments.  Go for it! 

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