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Thank You for Your Smile...and Business!


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Friends:  We started this shine-therapy forum over a decade ago!  Time sure does fly....doesn't it?


Thank you for being here, and participating in this shine-crazy community.  Thank you for your business, and for voting for products you like and don't like with your dollars.  Thank you for helping us create better solutions.  Thank you for calling attention to areas or products we can improve.  Thank you for helping us grow this business exponentially, I'm humbled beyond words!


Please, SMILE while you type....


Thank you for not using this forum as a place to air negativity.  Thank you for always being respectful of other members, and our employees.  Thank you for  using detailing, your therapist, or exercise, or meditation to work through your issues, when you feel like life is tough.  Thank you for making AdamsForums a positive and pleasant place to hang out!


In 2008, when we started this forum, we had 6 employees, and a few thousand customers.  Today, we have 125 employees, and over 300,000 customers.  One thing we have learned, for absolute certain:  WE ARE NOT PERFECT!  There was exactly one person who ever walked earth, who was perfect.  We are not Him.  We are not even close.  


If you are feeling perfect, like your finish is 100% swirl free, and never needs cleaning or polishing, if you feel like your poop doesn't stink, like you walk on water, and are comfortable coming here to blast members or the company who pays to maintain this community, please, don't.    Need to get some negativity off your chest?  Find a dirty or swirled up car to detail.  Find a therapist, let out a primal scream, go for a run or hike, a mountain bike ride, go ski or snowboard if that's your winter kick, like it is mine! 


There are many ways people like to get negative energy out. Blasting other members, or this enthusiast forum sponsor probably won't help you turn your frown upside down.  Please come, hang out, be kind, give and get detailing help, and understand:  We want to earn your business, but more importantly, we want your kindness. 


Vote for the products you like with your dollars.  Don't buy stuff you don't like, but please, don't bash them.  If you cannot understand the marketing team's decision to bring on a particular product, you are probably not the target customer!   I have never watched TV, don't buy soda or potato chips, and don't follow sports.  Do I hang out bashing Coke, Ruffles, or slamming the Super Bowl?  Absolutely not, it's just not worth the negative energy!  (Plus, my kids, wife, and employees need me to be a positive influence.)



So friends, I've instructed our incredible  Forum Leadership Team to permanently remove AF members who regularly post negativity.  Threads that are overrun with negativity are also going to be deleted, unless they offer detailing solutions or help to members searching.


As the only AdamsForums sponsor, we want people to feel great about being here.  


Thanks for your business, and your smile, and here is my Primal Scream, after getting this off my chest!





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It has been, and continues to be my pleasure to even be a tiny, tiny, tiny dot in the Adam's world.  I've watched you bring this company up from the days when you walked the fairgrounds with a bag over your shoulder handing out samples and demonstrating on stranger's cars, to what it is now with a huge corporation, trucks with company logos, and many employees.  Been on the forum since day one too.  Thank YOU Adam, for the opportunity and the privilege of helping and being considered a friend.


Here's to many, many more years of success and growth. :cheers:

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Thanks Adam. I am here for one reason, and one reason alone. The tour you did with Obsessed Garage. The fact that you acknowledge that Adam's is still learning and is committed to your customers is, unfortunately, a rare commodity. I can't buy it and you can't sell it but, just like putting pants on in the morning, it still matters.

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Thank you Adam!  I agree, most of us come here to find out about new products, build on our experience, help others, and also develop new friendships.  I can tell from when met you and Bianca last year at Park Place auto that you truly love and have a passion for detailing along with your brand.  You truly do care.  At the clinic you did not rely on anyone else to demo the products, it was you.  Additionally, I was right there when you were calling to reschedule your flight because you felt the need to stay later because the clinic went longer. You sacrificed countless hours away from your family that night and as well many others during your decade of building the company.  Thank you for all you do and thank you for making this statement about this site being for the positive!

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@AdamThanks for the excellent products, the great forum community, and for the opportunity to have helped beta test some of the new offerings.  I am a few weeks shy of my 10 year anniversary here on AF, and I have learned too much, and have tried to pass that knowledge along to newer members.  And thanks for taking my phone calls even when you were on Vaca with the Mrs.!    

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