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The Car or Truck You Wish You Still Had


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1 minute ago, Chris@Adams said:

Nice, you don't have any actual pics?

No. Somewhere over the years, all of our photo albums disappeared.  Even our wedding pics.  We've turned the whole house upside down looking for them multiple times, but they are gone.  

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My brother had a first gen Cummins that he sold right before I got my license. I was not happy about it. That was one of the first vehicles I remember "detailing" I remember standing in the bed and claying the roof and helping his wax it. It was a beautiful truck. I'll see if I can find a picture of it somewhere

Edit: I found a couple pictures on his Facebook page. These are from 2009. 



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I only regret selling this one:



My beloved 2009 SRM G8 GT. While my 2017 Chevy SS is far superior in all performance categories it doesn’t have the place in my heart that the G8 does. Started it up one morning to the sound of the dreaded DOD lifter knock. At the time I didn’t have the $$ to fix it so I traded it in. Little did I know two months later my financial situation would improve drastically. I had the chance to buy it back from a dealer in Wisconsin that bought it at auction but didn’t pull the trigger. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s been in two wrecks since then so the thought of hunting it down is now a long lost one...and no, another SRM G8 GT couldn’t take her place.

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While I loved my '69 Blue Nova it was outclassed by the '71 Red Mach I, which didn't come close to the Rust Red '56 Chevy Pickup, that someone was not smart enough to keep - be right back ....   Sorry, I had to go look in mirror while I slapped myself for selling that truck.   


The oak boards in the box were hand cut, sanded, stained and polished to a high gloss.  The box rails were also oak and were all from the same tree.  The bolts in the box were all chrome, as where the chains for the tail gate.  It was all the little things that were right about the truck and I really should have put it in storage for the three years that I was going to be in Alaska, but someone offered way more money than it was actually worth at the time so I sold it.  Way too often I think about getting another for a project vehicle, but I just don't think I could get that level of perfection or at least what is still in my mind 35'sh years later as perfection. 

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Thats an easy answer for me.  Its my 94’ Acura Legend 6 speed coupe! I had about 50k miles on it and traded it in around 2001.  Although i still loved it at the time i was commuting into NYC and figured there was a better chance of it getting stolen than not! I figured i was giving the car a chance and let her go!😢

 I look everyday for a replacement..probably several times a day! My favorite site (other than this one!) is Bringatrailer.com (BaT).  Awesome cars. 
they had my dream car last week...unfortunately sold for over what i was looking. ($25,500!😳).  I dont have pic of my actual car but this car is exactly what im hunting for .05759767-AF82-4D03-B949-D5297C9447E3.jpeg.5d5734da0350112e38815705dc8bd60f.jpeg

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I've got a few


The first car I bought myself, a 1972 MG Midget



Learned a lot of my mechanical skills on this thing




My 1979 Jeep CJ-5



My Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet, 1972 I think



Lastly the Mini Bike my Dad and I built in the winter of 1970 with plans out of the back of Boys Life Magazine, with the horizontal shaft Briggs and Stratton motor off his lawn mower.



After I rebuilt the motor in 9th grade Power Mechanics class


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I've had too many car/trucks over the years. MANY that I have regretted getting rid of, but I have to say that the biggest regret was selling my 1972 Corvette 454 4spd. I put a lot of money and sweat into that Vette. It was immaculate! Still wander what I was thinking when I traded it away!! 😞






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