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What is your all time favorite smell out of all of Adams Products?!

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I really like Waterless Wash. I haven't even used it on a car yet. Regular DS is a classic. I like the USA DS and PS DS as well. I just like that we have different options so that we don't have to use the same scent all the time. I like to switch things up occasionally. I need to get to work. I have a gallon of Pumpkin Spice DS and I haven't even used half of my 16 oz bottle. 

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3 hours ago, pirahnah3 said:

Id have to agree for the every day use products. Detail Spray is an awesome scent. 


Thou the 2016 Limited Detail spray scent has got to by my favorite thou I wouldnt want to have to use it year round. 

That 2016 limited is special!!!! 

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2 hours ago, Tim said:

You know, there are probably a lot of young ones here that have no idea what your post means.


On a somewhat related note, Jamie Farr just joined the cast of the Cleveland Orchestra for the Christmas Concert Series for “The Night Before Christmas”


Your probably right, and they should get themselves educated in that range. 


Really, that should be interesting he is a great actor who can play many roles easily. 


Oh and as for scents (Keeping to topic) Completely forgot about the Leather Conditioner....mmmmmmm leather. 

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Limited edition Frost detail spray...Spearmint scent.  🤩 it.  Even spilled a bottle in my 2017 Corvette. Thought disaster however scent lingers and overcomes the glue smell with these c7 corvettes.  if the scent fades, may leak another bottle in the car,

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