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Quarantine Detail Days, share your work!


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It was a sunny 84 in Columbia today so I did a quick wash on the Garage Queen Terrain and changed the color of the my truck.  I have around 100 Azalea bushes, plus about 10 dogwoods, surrounded by pines and every other type of tree, flower and bush you can imagine and they are all in full bloom .  There is no escaping the pollen at this point.


The second picture of the truck has water drops after a rinse and within minutes I could see the pollen rings on the water droplets.  There is no need to try and do anything special at this point, but I did do an experiment.   Last fall, I ceramic coated the tonneau cover and in the past I've needed to do a deep clean and treatment with 303 each.   The tonneau has stayed in excellent shape and since the water was still beading today, but I did go over it with CS3 today.   I did the wife's Terrain earlier this week and was impressed with how slick it was when washing it, so it will be interesting to see how the tonneau is come next weekend when covered with pollen again.



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A balmy 15c/59f here today and sunny. Perfect for a wash.

Didn't take a before pic, but here is the old beat up nox after a wash, HGG, glass sealant, and a little attention paid to the trim and tires.

Probably time to swap the wheels back over to the all seasons.

Oh, also used TRC on the weathertech mats then hit them while working the tires and trim. They look like new - thanks one take Tuesday!

Lastly hit the interior with interior detail spray with microban.


More work than I planned to do, but you know how it goes. Once you get started...



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Didn't take any pics, but I tucked the snowblower safely away in the back of the shed today, and got the Cub Cadet out and washed it up, changed the oil, lubed it, and put a little Ceramic Wax on it.  It's old, but it still looks pretty good.   If it snows now, it's just going to have to melt on its own.  

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On 3/22/2020 at 7:42 PM, Rich said:

Didn't take any pics, but I tucked the snowblower safely away in the back of the shed today, and got the Cub Cadet out and washed it up, changed the oil, lubed it, and put a little Ceramic Wax on it.  It's old, but it still looks pretty good.   If it snows now, it's just going to have to melt on its own.  

Thanks Rich,  I was trying to figure out what to do next since I'm out of vehicles that need anything above a wash to for the pollen.  It's time to wash, polish and ceramic coat the Red Riding mower.    I've don't the underside of the deck with ceramic boost for  a couple of years and it really helps to keep the grass from sticking. 


Between washing the bike this weekend and doing the mower, that should cover me for at least one of the two days.

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Day... I can’t remember what day it is..? Anyway I did a full Tire Armor detail today.  I have been CS3ing between the rains in so cal, And every time I did tire shine, then it rains again and the tire shine instantly washes off.  So we will see how the Tire Armor holds up!

first pic is throughly cleaned

second pic is first application 

third pic is second application 


I hope this lasts because I hate doing wheels and tires. And this was not a fun process!






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I had a car delivered last night and I got a good start on it before letting it sit in the driveway overnight since it was an exterior only job.   After a wash, iron removal and clay, I got past the layer to see how the paint itself was.  It was in a condition that I did my test section on the hood to find out what the effort was going to be.  Before it was all done, I spent 9 hours on the exterior just to make it presentable.


After going over it with Correcting Polish and a few Orange pads, it was on to Finishing Polish to make it look like a car again.  Unfortunately, the car came out of Florida and while it defeated many Love Bugs, they won the war and the paint eaten in many places and coupled with the many rock chips, the current owner is having it repainted this fall and then we'll Ceramic Coat it.  The front fascia is so eaten up that it needs to be replaced so I put the Original Ceramic Paste Wax on it to get through the summer .


The hood came out looking good, just too bad there are so many rock chips and love bug marks.  The last picture show the entire car and it is a beautiful car, it's really ashame the original owner didn't take care of it.  If it had of been Red, I probably would have made an offer on it today, it isn't every day that a 670 horsepower, 2017 Roush Mustang with a 6 speed manual tranny gets dropped off in your driveway.







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Oh man what haven't I done yet!?


I washed the wife's car and her engine bay. Used CS3 on the inside. Her car had no wax/polish/sealant on it so I decided to spray it with CS3 to see how it did. It is AMAZING! CS3 is my new favorite product, water falls off the car now. Also did her window with glass sealant.


I did the entire ceramic process to my daily. I washed, clayed, paint corrected (my first time using a polisher) fixed rock  chips (my first time doing this) then ceramic coated it.


I also used the aerosol can glass cleaner for the first time. I have to say I really like it. You have to be careful not to overspray but it does a great job!


No I just need to figure out what next. I am painting the hood scoop grilles since they were peeling and then will use undercarriage spray. Maybe I will clean the SS.

before Engine.jpg

After Engine.jpg

After Meg.jpg

CS3 Door.jpg

CS3 Hood.jpg


Paint Chip Mirror.jpg

Paint chip hood.jpg

after chip mirror.jpg

After Chip Hood.jpg

ceramic Hood.jpg

Ceramic products.jpg



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