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  1. PPF on the entire front clip, all coated with Adam's 9H UV Ceramic Paint Coating.
  2. The wheels on my '07 Dodge Magnum have been powder coated. I clean them with Wheel Cleaner with no issue.
  3. The coating that's currently on the vehicle is going to have to be removed before the wrap goes on. The adhesive of the wrap will not stick to the coating. Yes, you'll want the hood to cool down before trying to coat it. If it's a hot and sunny day, your going to want to make sure the trunk lid is cool too. I'm not sure how the heat from the engine will effect the coating prior to being completely cured. I Ceramic Coated the Clear Wrap on my '06 GTO this past winter, it was just like doing paint.
  4. I've had VRT thin before, with no rhyme, nor reason. The product seemed to still work just fine for me. Sling is going to happen if any of the product is pooled in the outer tread blocks, just the same as Tire Shine.
  5. Show wasn't bad, weather was real nice with just one brief storm after we'd closed on Friday evening. Perhaps a third less vendors in the midway, and I heard gate entries were down by about half. My guess; about 1/4, or a bit less wore masks once through the gates. Masks had to be worn to enter. Our sales numbers were pretty good, being above where they were in 2017 and there were no Sunday sales this year with it being Father's Day, so one day less for the Event. We tried our best to adhere to the CDC guidelines to keep ourselves, and our customers as safe as possible. We set up differently to allow a better flow through our space, having the tables of product on the outsides, leaving the center for upright cabinets with plenty of room for Social Distancing. We limited the numbers of bottles of product per table. All my Team Members wore masks Notice a tube of disinfecting wipes at both cash boxes to keep the area wiped down and clean, as well as a bottle of Hand Sanitizer by Dan to be used between customers. We had only one clearly marked way in and one clearly marked way out with every other possible way in roped off. Social Distancing placards were throughout our store The line to the point of sale registers was labeled at six foot intervals Can't wait to be back for the Chrysler Nationals in early July!
  6. So far what I’ve seen since arriving yesterday. On most every pole At Vendor Services outside Gate 3 In the Midway road Inside Gate 3 I got my Team our own Portable Toilet
  7. I use the Plush Waffle Towels in the bucket, found nine to be how many I need, and dry with the Mini Plush Drying Towel.
  8. Here's a tip on wiper chatter after applying a Glass Sealant. Clean the wiper blade by wiping with Windshield Wiper Fluid, then apply the Sealant to the wiper blades and wipe with a paper towel.
  9. I'll mirror what will be happening on the webstore for any sales or specials. I do have some product from last year I'm marking down 50%; see my first post up top.
  10. Never noticed their Event Magazine online before: https://carlisleevents.com/docs/default-source/guides/2020-spring-carlisle.pdf
  11. We'll be in our usual location on the Midway; the end of Row IE in spaces 123-130 Cumberland County will be in the Green, come on out!
  12. Machine Polishing with Dan and Scott, and a cameo by yours truly in a few spots.
  13. Could be the GPM your Sun Joe is putting out? My gas powered unit is rated at 2.3 GPM and makes awesome foam with just 2oz of Mega, or Ultra Foam Shampoo. I believe it's the GPM that makes the difference, not the PSI, but mine is 2700 PSI. Could also be the hardness of your water. The warm water you'll want in the Foam cannon bottle. Open the top dial no more than 1/8 turn from lock shut.
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