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  1. Had the same thing happen to my wife's gen 5 Camaro. Every time I'd wash the car, after I noticed how the front plastic grill and real valance looked, I'd scrub them clean with either Tire & Rubber Cleaner or APC using a Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush in the grill and the Tire Scrub Brush on the rear valance. Over time it's been coming off. I applied the Ceramic Paint Coating to the plastics December of 2019. The original Trim Coating didn't need leveled, the updated Coatings do, as others above mentioned. The coatings are tough stuff and not easily removed. After several good scrubbings
  2. First try washing them again with a milder Wheel Cleaner, heck even just Car Shampoo may improve them. Dry them completely then use either Hand Polish if Clear Coated, or Metal Polish #2 if raw metal. When using the Wheel Cleaner do only one wheel at a time, in the shade, when the wheel is cool, and do not let the product dry on the wheel. Rinse thoroughly after agitation. The tire should clean up by scrubbing with Tire & Rubber Cleaner or TAR.
  3. Level both Spray Coatings on trim; Ceramic Spray Coating and the new Graphene Spray Coating. By leveling you'll minimize the chance of a chalky appearance to the trim.
  4. I sometimes use Waterless wash after I two bucket wash a vehicle and blow it dry. The Waterless Wash removes any drips the blower left. As others stated above, it all depends on how dirty the vehicle is, and it's size. A Fiat 500 or a Cadillac Escalade? I buy by the gallon.
  5. I've got 12 bottles in inventory at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and they are as thin as you state Sandalwood. They were like that when they arrived to me from headquarters.
  6. Factory tinted glass go ahead, no problem. I don't use Brilliant Glaze on tint film. The solvent in the Brilliant Glaze will break down the adhesive holding the film to the glass. Ray, I'd say you've been pretty lucky to this point!
  7. I've found if I have too much of a build up of certain products on the paint surface I'll get linting. Detail Spray, Spray Wax, even Americana or Patriot. Do a Strip Wash and Clay the vehicle as Falcaineer mentioned above.
  8. I've had good luck with the Black Trim Restorer, waiting about 48 hours for it to thoroughly dry, then topping with Ceramic Paint Coating. I've also had similar results by using the Ceramic Black Trim Restorer on its own. The Black Trim Restorer, topped with the Ceramic Paint Coating, has held up longer than the Ceramic Black Trim Restorer alone for me. They were, however, used on two dissimilar plastic trims, so...
  9. Sure appears to be clear coat failure to me too. Re-finishing would be the removal of the rest of the clear coat that's remaining on the wheel, then re-clearing them. Polishing would be the removal of the remaining clear then polishing. Whoever you'd get to re-finish them may recommend polishing after the clear removal, before then clearing them.
  10. It looks like I've also secured a Hand Wash Station that'll be set up by the portable toilets.
  11. We'll be spread out over two yards with about as many tables and chairs as we normally have in one yard. The beverage selections will be less, with my Team members wearing masks and gloves; handing out, or pouring the drinks. I'll have tape lines on the driveways at six foot intervals leading to the food and drink. Those serving food will be in masks and gloved. Those attending will need to be smart enough to social distance themselves from others, this I can not control. We've done three shows now, with me at a fourth and the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals
  12. It's a smaller version of the Ultra Plush Drying towel. I use them to dry the sides of vehicles. It's easier to keep the smaller towel from dragging on the ground by accident. I'll use them for wiping up Detail Spray as I clay a vehicle, and use them to dry a vehicle I'm Rinseless washing.
  13. Welcome to the forum @Dale Gribble After I wash my vehicles I blow them dry with my Master Blaster Revolution, I'll then wipe them down with CS3 to clean up anywhere water may have dripped and give the entire car the gloss I desire. If I've not driven my vehicles much the day I washed and CS3'd them, the following morning I've been hitting them with Adam's new Slick & Slide. My gut feeling is that our new Slick & Slide is a direct competitor to Beadmaker. Try your Beadmaker in an inconspicuous area several hours after the CS3, like the lower rear section of a quarter p
  14. Ford's last weekend was awesome! I've noticed at each of the first three Carlisle events we've done this year, each show seems to have more and more folks wearing masks when they come into our booth. Again, all my staff are wearing masks. Even though, it can't be more than 1/4 of our customers with masks. I checked with my guy for the Carlisle Events, if they've received notification of any folks that had been at the first two events coming down with COVID, his answer was no. Adam still plans to be at Corvettes from Thursday through Saturday, and we're final
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