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  1. Weekend Warrior from PA

    Welcome from Lancaster County!
  2. clean door jams

    On my well maintained personal cars I use WW and my oldest Microfiber Towels after every wash. All those cars have had their door jambs treated with wax, sealant, Ceramic Paint Coating, or Ceramic Boost. By treating the paint in those areas the dirt, grease, and grime don't get the chance to adhere. On filthy customer cars; All Purpose Cleaner, Trim & Lug Nut Brush, and carefully rinse with water. After that I go back over them as I do on my personal cars.
  3. What did you do today?

    Had the PA State Inspection and Emissions Exempt done on the GTO. It ran out at the end of September! Whoops... Guys at the garage I take it to were all full of questions, from is it a re-spray from stock, to was it wet sanded, to how the heck did you get it like that! Adam's I tell them, Adam's! Oh, and I get it inspected at an Auto Body Shop!
  4. I can't. I'm just sayin' relative to other clay bars on the market. I believe this new Visco Elastic Clay works better, and hold contaminants into itself better than the clays of old, perhaps it's just me, but I really like it and the tool, and that comes from experience using it and many other types of clay. Could just be me, but without trying the clay or Geo Impression tool I guess you'll never know. Assumptions don't help too many out.
  5. Out of your price range? The kit retails for $29.99 and includes the clay, the impression tool and the jar to keep it all in, the kit should be a one time purchase as the clay is also sold separately. With the coupon code Shineon you'd get 10% off taking it to $26.99, and with the often, and current, 15% sale it'd be $25.49. When the clay wears out, you don't need the full kit, just the clay refill and it retails for $19.99, or $17.99 at 10% off or $16.99 at 15% off. Right at the price point of other clays I can quickly find on line, pretty good value for what you're getting in my opinion...
  6. It took me a car or two to grasp the concept of the Geo Impression Tool. Once I got the hang of using it to hold the clay I use it almost all the time. As a handle, to re-imprint the waffle pattern, and to hold the clay securely. I prefer it on large flat panels, to using just the clay alone. OP, I believe the blue and gray clay bars you have are from before the end of the patent held by Clay Magic. Adam's new Visco Elastic Clay Bar is a different animal from what was only available a couple/few years ago. How do you know if it's time to be replaced? Just like any other clay bar; when you fold it into itself and what's now on the surface looks the same as you'd just folded in, time to replace.
  7. Waxing Hex Grip Emergency

    Yes, use the Yellow Hex Grip Applicator, you'll be fine.
  8. Proper sequence

    Try to use Brilliant Glaze over top of the Paint Correcting Polish residue, makes removing the residue almost effortless. Now to answer your questions, This is car care, not rocket science. There really is not right or wrong way; just preference, and here's mine; Can glaze be applied over the Americana? Yes, however, be aware the solvent in the Brilliant Glaze will degrade the Americana somewhat, or any other wax for that matter. On my garage queen GTO, at the start of each show season I begin with bare paint; apply one coat of Brilliant Glaze, two coats of wax (Patriot to this car) then another coat of Brilliant Glaze each time I show. Can paint sealer be applied over wax? Yes. There are conflicting views on this. Some believe Sealant must be applied only to bare paint for it to adhere. I see no difference in the Sealants longevity being applied under or over glazes, or waxes. I've experimented several times, on several different vehicles with several different brands of product and see no difference. Glaze over sealer? Sure, Glaze adds the clarity, or "pop" to the finish. The Sealant provides the protection to the paint. It would be a good idea to add a layer of wax over the glaze to help with it's longevity though. Glaze on its own doesn't last very long, perhaps only a wash or two at most. Buttery wax over anything? Yup, wax is wax. Some last longer due to their additives, some add more depth/gloss/wet look than others due to grade and amount of carnauba, but feel free to put Buttery over glazes and sealants, or simply applied to your corrected paint.
  9. Wife's Volvo; Ceramic Coated May 27th, washed on Friday October 6th, rain shower this morning, Sunday October 8th. Hood: Roof: My Malibu; Ceramic Coated September 2nd, washed Thursday October 5th, Waterless Wash wipe down Friday October 6th, rain shower this morning, Sunday October 8th. Hood: Rear Deck Lid:
  10. 5.5" Pads?

    Call Adam's Customer Service line there may be some 6" pads in the warehouse, check with dealers listed in the Find a Dealer link at the bottom of the page in the web store. Google for 6" pads. Please don't try to use pads that are smaller than recommended, if there is not enough pad material to cover the backing plate, and the bare backing plate touches the paint, it will cut through the paint. The 5.5" pad will not fit the Flex backing plate.
  11. Chances are the Clear Coat that had been on the wheels from the factory was all but removed when the original owner scuffed them to paint them. The black your getting on the pads while polishing is from the raw, exposed aluminum. To get through those deeper scratches you'll need to start with a heavier cut aluminum polish, then finish with Adam's Metal Polishes #'s 1 & 2. You're most likely correct about the barrels being painted from the factory. A lot of OEM wheels have anything from a flat black to a gun metal color sprayed in this area to help with appearance as they get dirty.
  12. My neighbor brought her sons car to me just a couple weekends ago, The guys wife had parked the car under a bridge in the Philly area. Stuff from the road above had dripped all over the roof and trunk lid. He took it through the drive through car wash which did nothing. It sure seemed to be lime scale. I sprayed the affected area liberally with Detail Spray and rubbed, HARD, with Adam's Visco Elastic Clay using the included Geo Impression tool as a handle. With effort the stuff began to come off. I cracked a pretty good sweat, and got a nice triceps workout. The area would need polished now as there is quite a bit of marring, but the gunk is off.
  13. Car Quest Auto Parts Stores had an aerosol glass cleaner that would quickly remove the adhesive left behind from State Inspection stickers adhered to the inside of the windshield for 12 months. I believe Advanced Auto purchased Car Quest and I've not seen the same product in their stores. I gave my last can to the guy that inspects my cars. I don't know if it was the propellant, or what was in the glass cleaner, but it took the stuff right off. I'll have to try Adam's aerosol Glass Cleaner and see how it performs.