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  1. Don't overlook what you can accomplish with Metal Polish #1 followed up with Metal Polish #2 then simply topped with just Brilliant Glaze! 51 year old bumpers on this 76,000 mile 1969 Z/28 The Metal Polishes were worked with blue foam pads using the SK Mini Before and after on the wheels, same process as above:
  2. The Scratch & Swirl Remover was designed to be used by hand. I scuffed my test panel with a white scuff pad Corrected it by hand with the Scratch & Swirl Remover followed up with the new Hand Polish Not too bad. A machine would have done a better job, and done it quicker, however I was pretty impressed for what I was able to accomplish.
  3. I'll jump in here with my .02, too. Maintain with the CS3, Ceramic Waterless Wash, Ceramic Boost and use the Wash & Coat as your Car Shampoo when washing the vehicle. After a wash I'll clean all the jambs, by misting with Ceramic Waterless Wash and wiping down with either a Waterless Wash, or Edgeless Utility Towel. At about every six month interval do the baggie test after a good wash and dry to feel for embedded contaminants. If they're there, clay is in order. I use Adam's Fine Grade clay on vehicles that are ceramic coated, and properly maintained irregardless of color. Don't skimp on the Detail Spray used as your clay lube. With the right claying interval (not much embedded surface contaminants), the right amount of lubrication, and the Fine Grade clay you shouldn't cause any marring. If there is some marring, it should just be in limited locations, not the entire vehicle. Polish the marred areas and apply the Ceramic Spry Coating to this location.
  4. Is this the one you've received? https://adamspolishes.com/collections/ceramic-paste-wax/products/adam-s-ceramic-paste-wax If so, this is an upgrade to the Ceramic Paste Wax we'd been selling and was released sometime around Black Friday. This is actually a Ceramic Coating in a Paste Wax form. Gently smell it, and I do mean gently! If it has a very strong odor it's the new version. I'd used the previous version and it lasts incredibly long, this new one, with proper maintenance, will last even longer. Longevity will depend on all sorts of factors; garaged? Maintained properly? Washed regularly? Your geographic location? etc...As stated above, wipe the paint down with Surface Prep prior to application, and there's no need for any other Brilliant Glaze, Wax, Sealant, or Guard & Gloss.
  5. I've got a few The first car I bought myself, a 1972 MG Midget Learned a lot of my mechanical skills on this thing LOL! My 1979 Jeep CJ-5 My Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet, 1972 I think Lastly the Mini Bike my Dad and I built in the winter of 1970 with plans out of the back of Boys Life Magazine, with the horizontal shaft Briggs and Stratton motor off his lawn mower. After I rebuilt the motor in 9th grade Power Mechanics class
  6. Thanks Rich. Most all the work was done inside the garage with the door shut and the heaters on. It was raining all day Monday, the day I applied the second coat of Patriot. I've got my small two car garage set up to hold just one car with plenty of room to get around a small to mid sized vehicle. I can work on cars inside all winter, and in all types of weather.
  7. The gym's closed, so this was my workout! 💪
  8. Winter Mods, well service and repairs done, I now needed to get my 2006 Pontiac GTO ready for the upcoming show season. Stuck at home, with nothing but time was my opportunity. I began Friday morning with a Rinseless Wash. 2oz of Rinseless Wash in the bucket with 2 gallons of water and nine Plush Waffle Microfiber Towels. I liberally spray one panel at a time with a mixture of 1oz Rinseless Wash and 15oz Reverse Osmosis filtered water, then wipe clean with one of the Plush Waffle Microfibers soaking in the bucket. To dry, I use the Mini Plush Drying Towels. This Garage Queen isn't driven much, no inclement weather, and lately only to shows and cruise ins. It is parked outside while I work on clients cars in the garage, and the paint and clear wrap material was feeling a bit rough with the baggie test. Next step Clay The rough feel to the paint and clear bra material wasn't bad, the Fine Grade Clay quickly took care of whatever was on the car's surface. Before I began to run any machines over the paint, I taped off all the trim that might get touched. There was minimal marring to the paint, very few RIDS, just slight straight line marks from the car being wiped down since its last polishing. Anymore I'll usually just polish sections that need it, not doing the entire car all at once, as the entire thing rarely needs it. This time I decided to hit all the paint using the Adam's SK Pro 15mm Machine, a 5.5" White Foam Pad and the new Polish. Where sections got tight, or to cut in panels I used the SK 12mm Mini, or my Rupes Nano with the same pad material and polish combo. Friday ended with just the two doors and the Side Skirts remaining to need polishing. I took care of those areas first thing Saturday morning. I believe the Brazen Orange Metallic GM paint came out looking fantastic! On to protection I had InShane Designs of Lemoyne, PA wrap the entire front clip last June. He also took care of a few other high impact areas; leading edges of the mirrors, and Side Skirts over the Rocker Panels, all four fender lips, and low behind the rear wheels. November of 2018 I had some paint and body work done by Andy Arter, owner of Kesse's Body Shop in Hanover, PA. He took care to the Hood, Side Skirts, and Rear Spoiler. All the Clear Wrap material and re-sprayed areas were wiped down with Surface Prep to remove any remaining Detail Spray from claying, or polish residue. These sections were Ceramic Coated with the 9H Ceramic Paint Coating including the UV Tracer. The tail lights and door handles had been painted years ago, they were Ceramic Coated too. I love how the UV Flashlight helps me find any thin sections, or spots I may have missed, allowing complete coverage! And yes, there were some thinner than I'd like sections and a few spots I'd missed. A second coat was laid down there. Saturday ended... Sunday morning... All the unwrapped areas of the car still wearing its original paint were protected with a layer of Brilliant Glaze topped with two coats of Patriot Paste Wax. I waited roughly 20 hours between coats of Patriot. Second coat applied Monday morning. I pulled the car out into the sun to look her over Sunday late morning. Hmm... High spots on the Clear Wrap material everywhere I'd laid the second coat. There were probably three to four hours between those two coats, and in the garage light everything looked just right. I laid down a coat of Brilliant Glaze to the entire hood and a few other high spots, let it haze over and wiped it off, no more high spots, nice. This was done 24 hours after I'd completed the Ceramic Coating. I'd often wondered if the Brilliant Glaze, used to level the Ceramic Coating, was actually removing the coating. I looked over the car again with the UV Flashlight, and the UV Tracer was still everywhere I'd applied the Brilliant Glaze. Here's the results Sunday afternoon after the first coat of Patriot, enjoy: Oh, in case you were curious, I'd hand polished the wheels last fall, off the car, with Metal Polish #2 and coated them with the Ceramic Spray Coating. Before I pulled the car out to take the above pictures I wiped them down with CS3.
  9. Paint looks wet! Brilliant Glaze topped with Patriot. I think I'll do a more in depth write up of it's own. Done: http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/37615-days-4-7-in-quarantine-productive/
  10. As of Friday March 20th, all other Carlisle Events are still planned according to their original schedule with The Import & Performance Nationals on for May 15-17.
  11. BRZN

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Brought the wife's car too
  12. Spring Carlisle 2020 has been moved from April 22-26 to May 27-31 My Carlisle Team and I will be there. There will be a minimum 10% discount off of everything, or I'll match whatever online sale will be going on during the Event! Keep an eye on this thread for updates. Not sure how I'm going to do this yet, may have a tent sale? I have some inventory remaining of all the products that have been updated since last fall. No matter what, they'll be made available at the Event at huge discounts! *These products gotta go! Undercarriage Spray Dressing 16oz and Gallons Interior Detailer (non-Microban) 16oz and Gallons Tire Shine 16oz and Gallons VRT 16oz and Gallons Glass Sealant Paint Sealant Sprayable Compound Heavy Correcting Compound Paint Correcting Polish Paint Finishing Polish Polishing Pads 4", 5.5" & 6.5" Orange, White, Red & Grey Foam Revive Paint Coating Kit (non-UV) Ceramic Infused Paste Wax Trim Coating Kits and 50ml Bottles (non-UV) Wheel Coating 50ml Bottles (non-UV) Wheel Coating Kits and 50ml Bottles (Original) Red Trunk Organizers 1 Porter Cable *I'm not going to hold anything for anyone, or sell from the forum. You've got to be at the event to buy.
  13. The Ceramic Boost is a Sealant for the Ceramic Coatings (it can also be used as a stand alone sealant) and will help with the longevity of the coating. The Ceramic infused Liquid Wax will also help with the longevity of the coating by adding a more substantial product over the coating than Ceramic Boost alone. The Ceramic infused Liquid Wax, and the original Ceramic Paste Wax, were created for those of us that still want to be doing something to our vehicles after we've Ceramic Coated them. All will add hydrophobic properties to the finish, be it on top of a Ceramic Coating, or bare paint.
  14. I tend to use the Meguiar's and 3M papers too. Also the 3M Abrasive Foam Blocks, they go to 5000 grit.
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