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  1. Could what you're thinking is oxidation, actually be the trim itself? The Tire & Rubber Cleaner is going to remove all the dirt that's on the trim. If the trim has been exposed to the elements for a long period of time it may, itself, just be coming off as you scrub. Could there be dried Tire & Rubber Cleaner on the trim? Wipe some of the Coating Prep on the plastic and see what the appearance is then. To clean trim prior to the Trim Coating I'll spray it down with the Tire & Rubber Cleaner while I'm washing the vehicle and scrub with a brush. I'll use different brushes depending on the size of the trim; from a toothbrush to a Tire Scrub brush. Then wipe down with Car Shampoo as I wash the vehicle. After I've dried the vehicle I'll go over the trim with Coating Prep just before applying the Coating. Discoloration of old trim may not come completely back to its original black appearance. For that you'd need to first apply Adam's Black Trim Restorer prior to the Coating.
  2. BRZN

    The "Road" to Ceramic Coating

    I'll Strip Wash first, just to make sure, then follow up by decontamination using Adam's Iron Remover.
  3. The Mother's Power Ball and Power Cone is too abrasive for me, for raw forged billet aluminum wheels. There will be quite a few marks left that will be tough to remove.
  4. BRZN

    Engine cleaning

    On my daughter's 2012 Camaro I clean the engine/engine bay every spring. I remove the plastic engine cover, cover, or remove the open air filter, and don't deliberately spray water directly onto the alternator. I've used the foam cannon attached to my pressure washer, my pressure washer with the 60* end, regular old water hose and the IK 1.5 foaming sprayer. No problems.
  5. Second sentence, am I reading it correctly? Volvo XC70, it's a tank. I replaced the Ceramic Brake pads and felt no difference, none. Well, except for the time gained by not having to spend extra time cleaning the wheels of excessive brake dust. Do as you will, just adding from my experience...
  6. BRZN

    Wash mitt extension

    I use the Truck Brush on my vehicles throughout the winter months still using the two bucket method, no scratches, swirls, or washing marks... They sell like "Hot Cakes" at the Carlisle Events when folks can touch the brush head.
  7. BRZN

    Tire Mold Release

    Aerosol Bug and Tar Remover, I use Stoners brand Tarminator. Tires (and wheels) must be in the shade and cool to the touch. Spray on and scrub with a tire scrub brush, rinse with water.
  8. My GTO gets washed after every time I drive it too. Ceramic Coat the wheels and wipe them down with WW once they cool. Liberally spray the wheel and use a single towel for each wheel. The pedal feel difference once you switch to ceramic pads is minimal and unless you track the car... Personally I don't believe they're really necessary if you're concerned about brake dust.
  9. BRZN

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    Looks good Travis, nice write up!
  10. Got cha, too early in the morning when I read the question, comprehension was slow...
  11. Mine came with the 3/8" male fitting for the pressure washer hose and the 1/4" for the Foam Cannon.
  12. BRZN

    Metal polish other than Adams?

    The Combo is marked down to $34.99, and with the 20% off sale for chemicals through Monday night your down to $27.99. https://adamspolishes.com/adam-s-metal-polish-16oz-combo.html Any easier to pull the trigger?
  13. BRZN

    Upgrading from PC 7424XP

    Machines alone: Rupes LHR15 Mark II roughly $420ish Adam's 15MM LT Swirl Killer $229.99 before any discounts and it comes with an extra set of brushes. Adam sells the Swirl Killer 15mm backing plate if you ever need a replacement. They are so close to the same machines (I own both) it's hard to not choose the Swirl Killer!
  14. Come join the Adam's Team at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle June 1-3 on the Carlisle Fairgrounds. This show is huge, the largest show in Carlisle on the Fairgrounds every year. We'll have lots of product available and lots of expertise and advise for you from the pros on the Team. Adam plans to join us Friday, so if you're anywhere near Carlisle stop on by!
  15. Hey Gang, The Adam's Carlisle Team will be at The Import & Performance Nationals in Carlisle, PA this coming weekend. Come over to the Fairgrounds if you're in the area to say hi, pick up some supplies (I'll be running several unadvertised specials!) and to pick up any pointers from the experts. Bring your rain gear, Friday and Saturday look like they're going to be wet, it'll be nice and dry under our awning!