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  1. I often get the Boost to streak, with no way to get the streaks off, I notice them much more on darker colors. I now dilute my Boost 50/50% with distilled water and lightly mist it onto a towel rather than spraying it onto the paint. I'll still buff the panel immediately after wiping it with the Boost misted towel. I found there was no way to remove the streaks other than polishing them off.
  2. I'd rather used it when it's cold, right out of the refrigerator. When paste's cold and hard, I don't get as much in the applicator. When it's at room temp I'll get so much in the applicator I can squeeze product out of it by the time I've finished. That's quite a waste of product to be washing down the drain.
  3. I use it primarily on leather interior surfaces only, and apply the Leather Dressing to the non leather areas inside the vehicle. Neither on carpet or fabric upholstery of course. You'd be okay to apply it to all no carpeted/upholstered surfaces inside the vehicle though. If it seems too glossy/greasy to you on the plastics, or has high spots after 24 hours or so even everything out with an Edgeless Utility Towel. It sounds like your pot of the Interior Paste had separated some, are you in a warm climate? Warmer temps make it incredibly soft, and tough for me to not put too much on the applicator. I store mine in the refrigerator to keep it from separating, and store the applicator cleaned and dried outside the pot.
  4. Lots of variables. What type of wheels are you thinking of polishing. If it's semi wheels, aluminum? Stock OEM wheels? Painted/Clear Coated? Chrome? Raw Aluminum? Each would take different processes, with some overlap.
  5. MFR is the laundry detergent for your Microfiber towels. There's no need to add anything else to the wash cycle. I'll put 2oz of it in the washer and let it do it's job. By adding anything else you risk not getting the towels completely rinsed of detergent. If there's detergent left in the towel you're more likely to have streaks on your paint. I do not wash my new microfiber towels when they arrive from headquarters. I just give them a couple/few good snaps to get any dust or lint off of them. When we're at Barrett-Jackson, Carlisle, Sema, Hot August Nights, etc we're using new towels on high dollar vehicles without washing them first.
  6. I've found that mixing Ceramic Boost 50/50 with distilled water keeps it from streaking on me. I obviously use too much product. I'll also spray a light mist into the towel and wipe it across the finish, then buff with a clean dry single soft microfiber towel. Perhaps cutting the Ceramic Waterless Wash will work too.
  7. When you rub the vehicle you're creating a static charge. Once the body is charged, it's going to attract dust. Perhaps a grounding strap that contacts the ground?
  8. I can get the same look, I believe, from the waxes or coatings; Spray or the traditional Paint Coating. To me it's the longevity I get from the coatings vs. the waxes. Spray Wax lasts me through about one wash, but does help maintain wax already on a vehicle. Buttery lasts a month tops for me. Americana and Patriot last several months Guard and Gloss about four months Paint Sealant about six months The original 7H Ceramic Paint Coating we offered in 2017 began to fail on me through this past summer 2 years! I wasn't able to maintain those coated cars like I'm able to now with Wash & Coat, Ceramic Waterless Wash, and the Ceramic Spray Coating and Ceramic Paste Wax. The cars are not garaged and outside 24/7/365 I applied the current 9H Ceramic Paint Coating to my Dodge Magnum in early fall and to the Chevy Camaro the week before Christmas. The GTO has the V1 Ceramic Paste Wax on it. This car is garaged and only taken out on nice days, Cruise Ins, and Shows. The Subaru was a customers car and was protected with Spray Wax. This car was fully detailed but not polished. The above cars were polished prior to coating or waxing.
  9. Furyan, With the products you'd mentioned in your OP I'd recommend applying the Ceramic Paste Wax V1 and wipe it down every couple/few washes with the Ceramic Boost. After each wash wipe down the wheels with the Ceramic Boost. Use the Brilliant Glaze to keep your interior glass spotless. On your post just above you can use the Detail Spray as a drying aide after washing if you'd like, it won't hurt anything. Go ahead and use the regular Waterless Wash and Rinseless Wash as you would on any vehicle. With the Ceramic Paste Wax on the paint there would be no need for the Buttery Wax, H2O Guard & Gloss, or Spray Wax.
  10. Green Severe Swirl Remover Orange Swirl & Haze Remover White Fine Machine Polish Red Brilliant Glaze/Wax pad Grey Machine Super Wax Blue Metal Polish
  11. Brand of Foam Cannon? In the 16 months you've owned it have you used it before running the Mega Foam Car Shampoo through it? Looks like you state you've used it about 24 times already from your question above. After using it for those 24 times did you run clear water through it after every use? How much Mega Foam did you put in the jar? Did you mix the Mega Foam in the jar with cold, warm, or hot water? Gas powered, or electric pressure washer? Pressure Washer's rating of PSI and GPM?
  12. I've disassembled the units before. The ones I've taken apart have a wad of what appears to be a very course steel wool inside. When this steel wool gets clogged with Car Shampoo, it diminishes the foaming action of the Cannon. Soaking this wad in straight APC overnight and thoroughly rinsing with warm water has cleaned them back to as an new condition. It's pretty important to run clear water through the head after foaming a vehicle. I simply remove the jar and pull the trigger for several seconds to clean things up.
  13. I keep a Microsilk Towel in a baggie, in the map pocket on all my vehicles driver's side doors. If I see a streak on the inside of the glass a quick wipe with this very under rated towel takes care of the issue. No product required, just the dry towel.
  14. It'll take a machine. Try using Adam's Compound on a Microfiber Pad, that should remove the Ceramic Coating with a nice slow pass or two.
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