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Since the virus is cancelling everything, including car shows, how about an online car show here.  Doesn't matter if it's a garage queen or your daily driver.  Trucks, motorcycles, quads, show cars, anything goes!    

Let's see what you all have!!!  


My 2013 60th Anniversary 427 Vette  and my 2019 AWD Equinox 





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This is a shot of 'Old no. 2' the 1912 race car I get to work on.  The owner started with the radiator, the engine, and the frame, and it took 14 years to get from collecting parts to completion.   His idea was to build a car like you could have had in the day, if money was no object, and to allow you jump in it and drive across the country (it has plug in for headlights, and between the seats are plugs for heated motorcycle suits) . 

I call it a 1912 Indy spec custom hot rod, as it is like a Kindigit car, with no exposed wires or bolts, and lots of summitry (the holes in the hand brake and gear shift align perfectly).  Oh, and the engine - a 10 liter/600 cu. in. 4 cylinder (the 'formula' for the Indy race that year).  It will idle at 90 RPM - kind of like a 110 MPH tractor!  

It is a lot of fun to show, and even more fun to drive!

AMER 4.jpg

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I don't believe I have ever shared this photos, so here goes. 


My client had this car for about 10 years, but was busy working on Old No 2, so it sat - the chassis in his garage and the remaining parts in a storage unit.  He purchased the project from the Outer Banks of Virginia - the parts were in mayo jars, and the body was resting against a wall in a barn.  Once he finished Old No 2, he needed something else to do, so he started playing this car. 






It is an 1913 Peugeot Bebe (Type BP1), designed by Ettore Bugatti (yes that Bugatti), in fact if you own one of these you can join the Bugatti's Owner Club (OK, so there is no longer an auto ownership requirement, but it sounds better!).  He designed the car (a cycle car) for the German brand Wanderer, and was licensed for the French market by Peugeot.  It was shown at the 1912 Paris Auto Show, and put into production the following year.  It has a straight 4 cylinder, 10 hp engine, with a top speed of 37 mph.

About 3000 were produced, with about 300 remaining.  Most are in museums, which is where one this lives now.


The chassis:



Getting ready to put the body back on after many years apart:



This a shot of the floor board with handwritten serial number.  To the right of the pic are the slots for the pedals.



And an interior shots (note the missing floor board).  It had been treated several times with Adam's Leather Conditioner.  Due to the small size, the door was only on the passenger side.




The 'box' under the dash is the oil reservior.



After assembling the car, there was only ONE piece missing - a felt washer, and a wooden windshield frame piece had to be remade. 

Not bad for 105+ years!




And finally a period photo.






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22 hours ago, Rich said:

Dan,  do you happen to like blue cars??  :lolsmack:


22 hours ago, Chris@Adams said:

I think Dan is partial to blue.😆


17 hours ago, RayS said:

I think @Dan@Adams may have more Blue vehicles than I have Red vehicles.  We just need to find someone with a bunch of White vehicles and then we could have a patriotic show.


Yeah, but it's not even my favorite color! It just ended up that way. The first time I saw the blue leather seats in person in a GTO, that sealed that deal. The Sonoma was my dad's work truck for 11 years, that I then bought off of him and built the truck from the ground up. The SS was sitting in the showroom when I went to take advantage of the 20% off sale in July 2016 - I bought it literally the day before Chevrolet put a stop-sale on the SS sedan for several months due to a seat belt recall and replacement parts on back order. 

I have one other secret project that I'm finishing up soon, and it's not blue! :secret:

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Ok so not even remotely epic as some of these cars. This is just my beater CRV but I'm somewhat obsessing over different products. Right now I have PS, H2O G&G and touch-ups with CS3. I'm close to stripping it all off and prepping for ceramic spray wax but right now it looks pretty good so I'll probably hold off until the end of the summer.











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