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Adam's Polishes 20th Anniversary Celebration!

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The time has finally come - our 20th Anniversary!!! Everyone at Adam's Polishes cannot begin to say how thankful we are to all of you for supporting us now for 20 YEARS in this detailing industry.


I would encourage everyone to use this thread to share at least one fun Adam's Polishes memory you have from throughout the years. I am very honored to work for this company, and to see what it has grown to be in just the last 4 1/2 years or so since I started in 2015. Please enjoy this special look at the history of this company and the amazing man behind it all:



We have a limited edition 20th Anniversary Detail Spray bottle (limit 4 per customer), and 8 new hat designs to celebrate 20 years. You can check them out below. Use code 20TH for 20% off storewide* until Wednesday at Midnight.

*Some restrictions apply









Thank you to Adam, our amazing customers, and the rest of our awesome team for providing shine therapy to all of us enthusiasts out there!

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Congrats to the whole Adams team! You guys do some great work.  
 Quick story..few years ago i was looking for new car care products.   I had not heard of Adams and specifically decided against Adams because i didnt like the old style car on its label...fast forward a year or so later and now its the bottles (and product inside) that keeps me coming back!  Love the bottle designs!
 The market team and design team are unreal! You guys get me every time! I have a large wall full of the Limited bottles.  I have only missed one in the past 2+ years (CO bottle). 
 Keep up the hard work! Congrats!

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I have so many great memories with Adam's Polishes it would take forever to list them all here, but here's a few that stand out in my mind right now:


- Being introduced to the brand back in 2007 with my very first use of Leather Conditioner on my GTO seats. I was simply amazed, and then quickly started buying up everything I could at Grabiak Chevrolet!

- Helping out at Detail Clinics and Shows with Adam, Dave @BRZN, Chris @Chris@Adams, Rich @Rich, Brother Greg, and so many others (I'm sorry if I'm leaving you out!) 

- After a few years of helping, to then have Adam offer to fly me out to Colorado for a weekend for a job interview - my job interview consisted of working the GoodGuys Loveland Show with him, getting to drive a brand-new beautiful blue C7 Stingray to the show for us to detail (with Adam joking that I lost the job since the Vette may or may not have had better launch control than his SRT8 Jeep!), and staying at his house with his family for the weekend to talk about life, detailing, and anything else we could think of..that's just how true of a person he is, and I am extremely proud to be a part of his vision.

- Flying out to Scottsdale to attend my first ever Barrett-Jackson Event and filming the Volume 10 Video Series at a beautiful house that we rented for the week - it was the perfect backdrop and I can't even count how many customers asked throughout the years if it was Adam's house - it was not! I will never forget Adam telling @Calvin A and I that we had 60 minutes to polish out the remainder of the black CTS-V so that we could do some drone shots with it...every 2-3 minutes he would walk by and smile and say "Are you done yet!?!"
- Many nights at the cabin in Carlisle with Adam, Dave, Holly, Nicole, Bob, Kyle N, Travis, Paul, and others sitting at the river after a long days work and enjoying some campfire and good stories.

- Many long days and nights working with @Joe@Adams on dozens and dozens of projects throughout the years, barely meeting deadlines but still having fun in the process!

- Surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday phone calls each year - losing my voice twice on Cyber Monday from taking so many calls!

- A big downpour at Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson where Sydney assembled the entire Adam's A Team of 15+ people and dried a car every 60 seconds or so from 11PM - 1AM as they drove off of the auction block and back into their tent location! I think we used at least 50 Great White Drying Towels, wringing them out too (Ultra Plush didn't exist yet!)
- More recently, getting to meet so many amazing students and hear their stories at our new Shine Academy Classes since November of last year.

- Successfully completing my biggest and most difficult task with the company thus far this January - being responsible for scheduling all of the over 435 vehicles that we detailed in some manner at the Barrett-Jackson auction...from talking to the owners, taking payments, and figuring out where to fit them in on the schedule. It was one of the most stressful but most rewarding things I've ever done with the company, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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9 minutes ago, Nolesfan said:

Is the new formula safe with ceramic finishes or still better to stay with cs3 etc?

Hi Justin, our normal pink Detail Spray has polymers that will not harm a ceramic coating, but I tend to use Ceramic Boost, CS3, Ceramic Waterless, or Waterless Wash on my coated vehicle.


With this new formula, it does have silicone wax and carnauba wax additives in it, so it wouldn't be my recommended choice for a coated vehicle, since you would be mixing two different product family types.

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Congratulations to @Adam ,his family, and staff!

Two of my favorite memories...


1.  My neighbor came back from Carlisle, PA with a bottle of VRT and said, “I thought you might like to try this.”

2.  When Dan, @lawson4450 , hosted an Adam’s event, way back when in N.J., and I was able to be a part of it.  The Junkman came to town and it was a great time!

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I was lucky enough to meet Adam when I worked the booth at Daytona Turkey Trot - A very cool and knowledgeable guy.  Also spent time with Scott (@Sizzle Chest) and his lovely wife that weekend, and it was fun to work with all the cars that were in at the Adam's, especially showing the baggie test to the owners on their own cars, and watching their eyes get big when they realized the paint was not really clean!  They all bought clay, Detail Spray, and towels and got to work right away.    

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I first met Adam in 2003 at Corvettes at Carlisle when he was lugging around sample bottles of Detail Spray and stopping and wiping down guy's cars.  We got to talking, a good while, and seemed to hit it off. Not long afterward, I got an email (I think) from him telling me about this forum and asking me if I'd consider being a moderator here. Obviously I said yes.  Over the years, we've shared stories, pics, dinners, and not enough time together. My wife considers him her "adopted son".    I (we) have met some fantastic people, Dan, Chris and Deb, Dave, Rich and Betsy,  the forum artist Rich from Maryland,  Dan Lawson, and so many others.  It's more of a family now.  I'm grateful for these friendships more than anything.  And I am most grateful to Adam himself who made it all possible.  

My hope is for many many more years of success for the company and Adam, and I have no doubt that it will continue to expand and succeed.  How can it not?  

Happy 20th Anniversary to everyone involved with Adam's and to Adam and Melissa, Luca, Christiano, and Vincenzo.   And many thanks. 

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Congrats on 20 years!  It was so nice to see where you started and how you've grown so much!  Your mother almost made me tear up!  Glad to see Ashley and hear she is doing so well and hear what her take away was from working with Adam.  I also noticed that there wasn't anyone that mention that the reason Adam's was so successful was because of the products he created.  He thanked so many people for the success of the company that it shows if you don't have good people around you, it doesn't matter how good the items your selling you won't have what's important!!  


I wish you all the best at Adam's Polishes and hope for 100 more years!!


please come back to Detailer's Domain!!  

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Happy 20th Anniversary Adam and the Adams family!

Adam really is a humble person. He would not give himself any credit just his mother and the many that were on the video. It was great to see Ashley and learn how her father was a big part of it.


Adam give yourself some credit too! If it wasn't for you and your infomercial I would've never known about your products.

I've been a customer now for 15 years. Haven't looked back since. 


I wish I was fast enough to be able to purchase your 20th Detail Spray but oh well! 


Happy Anniversary ..wishing you another 100 years! 

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On 3/6/2020 at 12:36 PM, Furyan said:

Too bad they didn't make more of that Detail Spray,would have liked to display it in my humble collection 😕 Congrats to Adams and the team.

I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to snag a bottle - they sold out in about 24 hours after launching! Pretty fast considering we had 2500 available!

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11 hours ago, Dan@Adams said:

I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to snag a bottle - they sold out in about 24 hours after launching! Pretty fast considering we had 2500 available!


You win some,you lose some! Seems like the Adams fan base is growing larger and larger which is great. Perhaps it's time to increase those LE numbers ;)

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